5 Traits That Prove You’re A Natural Evangelist!

By Patrick Mabilog;Credit:sundayadelajablog.com
God has called each and every believer to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and the hope that is found in Him so we can be effective witnesses. In Acts 1:8, Jesus said, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Yet while we all have the privilege and power to be witnesses to the broken and lost, God has appointed and gifted some with a natural and exemplary drive and call to evangelize. The office of an evangelist is one of the ordinations that God gives to us in Ephesians 4:11. It’s His way of setting evangelism by the church in hyperdrive — by assigning a group of people to pave the way.

The office of an evangelist does not give us an excuse to neglect our individual calls to spread the gospel just because we are not called into it. Rather, it gives us energy as we get around evangelists who can edify us with a new excitement for the lost and teach us best practices on how to share the gospel to others.

While the office of an evangelist is given by God, there can be some apparent manifestations that could be signs that you are a natural-born evangelist. Here are just five of the many signs that you could be a natural evangelist.

1. There’s an undeniable value for the lost.
When a word is spoken about the broken and lost world that we live in or when you see a harassed and helpless crowd, it just wrenches your gut and makes you want to cry. Evangelists get God’s heart for the lost automatically just as Jesus shared when He gave us the parables about the lost sheep, lost coin and lost son.

2. You can’t help but share your testimony to others.
When you meet someone — Christian or not — and you naturally find yourself gearing the conversation toward what Jesus has done for you and for the whole world, that could be a good sign that you’re a natural evangelist.

3. It’s easy for you to connect with new acquaintances.
When you’re in a party, at a church event or even in public places and you feel drawn by the Holy Spirit to approach strangers and meet new acquaintances, God may have wired you to have a special inclination toward evangelism.

4. The gospel excites you to the point that you just keep talking about it.
The gospel has the ability to excite everyone, yes, but an evangelist just hears it and wants to get on his or her feet and start sharing it to his or her friends and loved ones right at that moment.

5. You have led people to the Lord.
No matter how driven your heart is, if there are no fruits, there is no root. If you have led people to pray the sinner’s prayer or invited a good number of people to church where they were connected, you’re likely a natural evangelist.


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