A Cue From Ukraine Trash Bin Protester: Can Nigerian Protesters Be Objective In Fight Against Corruption? By Victor A. Imhangbe

Today we live in a world that is faced with numerous social political and economic problems. We live in a world where we are too busy to attend to victims of road accident on the road side, but rather take a snapshot of the tragic incident with our smart phones. We live in a world we claimed to desire positive change and to be able to contribute our quota to the growth and development of our environment.

We live in a world where the numbers of NOGs for the poor are tripling in numbers, while the poverty is on the increase. We live in a world where Government does not consider the interest of the very poor in policies making, but find it easy to give handout to the impoverish people only during election.

We live in a world where the very victims of politician’s grand theft and embezzlement’s are the first to come out public to defend the political class. We are people with no clear focus and direction and such a cheap prey in the hands of the oppressor call politicians. We want to enjoy without experiencing pains, as such we continue to live in penury.

We are people that hate the truth, because somebody is able to confuse us with religions, races and tribal sentiment. The entire world is experiencing crisis, whose major origin could be traced to economic. Indeed poverty is blind to your religion affiliation, blind to your cultural background, blind to your race, colour and belief, why must you fall for it?

Something very significant happens yesterday being 22nd of December, 2015, in Ukraine; prominent Member of Parliament was thrown into a garbage bin by angry protesters who were upset about his connections to former President Viktor Yanukovych. Vitaliy Zhuravskiy; is a deputy in the Rada and a member of Yanukovych’s Party of Regions. See below video of Vitaliy Zhuravskiy thrown into trash bin for corruption;

The endemic stealing and corruption in Nigeria is alarming and something urgent need to be done. The President is willing to fight it, but he needs the people’s support. The fight will be easy if a united alliance is adopted by “the masses” in the form of “cleansing,” or the act of purging corrupt officials from public office as the case in Ukraine.

This action need to transcend across political party lines, whether in the now governing party in Nigeria All Progressive Congress (APC) or the opposition party; People Democratic Party (PDP). It is impossible to go straight to heaven without given up the ghost and here is the time for the Nigerian impoverishes and jobless youths to stop taking side with corrupt public officers. Your comments are appreciated.


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