All She Wanted Was A Bigger Butt…Woman Loses Limbs After Injections Turned Deadly

By Latasha McGlory via FanBread:The Ged Section
Who knew a little nip and tuck would almost cost Apryl Michelle Brown her life…


In 2004, Brown wanted nothing more than to get rid of one insecurity: her butt. Family and friends called her lack of junk in the trunk a “pancake.” It was the running joke for most of her life.

The mother of two promised herself that when the time and money were available, she would end the teasing. However, the $15,000-$30,000 needed for a plastic surgeon seemed never to come. Still, the hairstylist was determined. That’s when she heard about the pumper party her client’s friend hosted.

The woman walked into her shop showing off the booty Apryl Michelle Brown wanted. So naturally, when the promise was made to give her the same look for pennies on the dollar, Brown jumped at the opportunity.

Although she was directed to lay across a twin bed in the woman’s house, Brown never questioned the safety of injecting industrial silicone in her butt. According to her, she had her ear to the street about the procedure and hadn’t heard any “horror stories.”

She was to receive 4 treatments, but after 2, Brown didn’t make it back to finish up. She began having strange side effects, such as itching, fever, severe pain, and shortness of breath. She knew something was wrong, but after searching for ways to take the silicone out, she learned that there was nothing any doctor could do because of the risks.


One morning she woke up and could barely get out of bed – her family had to rush her to the hospital. “Her organs were shutting down; her heart and her lungs weren’t getting enough blood,” her daughter detailed the memory of the day her mother almost died.

The silicone had caused a Staph infection that would have killed her in 24 hours, but the medicine she received saved her life. Thank goodness!


Unfortunately, her limbs were another story. She eventually had to lose her legs, arms, and all but a single layer of skin on her buttocks.

Now that Brown has adjusted, she is sharing her story with everyone. Her new book, “More Than a Body: The Apryl Michelle Brown Story” will be released September 10, 2016.





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