Angelina Jolie’s Closest Advisers Are Allegedly Behind Damaging Rumors About Brad Pitt

By Scott Baumgartner:Celebuzz
Here’s the latest on the dissolution of Brangelina.

According to Page Six, several sources are coming forward claiming they know who’s behind all the wild accusations that have been volleyed at Brad Pitt in the wake of the couple’s divorce news.

Lady Arminka Helic, a member of the UK House of Lords, and Chloe Dalton, a former aid to ex-Foreign Secretary William Hague, were apparently not only with Angelina Jolie when she filed for divorce last week, but they are also allegedly behind the most outlandish stories regarding Pitt’s recent behavior.

“They have been calling all the networks and news outlets, placing stories that he was cheating, drunk, on drugs, out of control and abusive, which Brad denies,” one insider said.

Although Helic and Dalton work alongside Jolie while she is honoring her humanitarian commitments, they have become far closer confidants of the actress, reportedly advising on everything from travel to parenting.

As of now, Helic and Dalton have returned to the UK, which according to one insider, is why the scandalous rumors aren’t surfacing anymore.

“Their last move was to urge news outlets to obtain the video of Brad allegedly losing his shit on the tarmac,” a second source shared. “But that video didn’t surface, or doesn’t exist.”


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