Bin Laden’s Brother Lived In Trump Tower, Gave Millions To The Donald

By Ryan Denson :Addicting Info ·
Back in June, on Facebook, Donald Trump called on Hillary Clinton to return millions of dollars the Clinton Foundation received in donations from Saudi Arabia:

“Crooked Hillary says we must call on Saudi Arabia and other countries to stop funding hate. I am calling on her to immediately return the $25 million plus she got from them for the Clinton Foundation!”

For months now the right has used the Saudi donations as definitive “proof” that Clinton is beholden to oppressive regimes, and isn’t serious about protecting women’s rights and LGBT rights.

But while the right is hailing their newfound champion of women’s rights and gay rights, maybe they should take a look at how much money he’s taken from the Saudi government – personally – and how he allowed Osama Bin Laden’s brother to live in the famous Trump Tower.

Had Hillary Clinton allowed a Bin Laden such private access, the right wing media would have a field day. But since it’s Donald Trump, he gets a free pass.

According to a new exposé by The Daily News, Trump has received over $5.7 million dollars from the Saudi government after selling  sold the 45th floor of Trump World Tower to the Kingdom. Since 2001, the government has had to pay the Trump Organization $85,585 for building amenities a year.

Before the payoff of real estate, Trump also allowed Osama Bin Laden’s half-brother, Shafiq Bin Laden, to live in the apartment for four months in 1986.

Perhaps Trump can follow his own example and can go ahead and give the $5.7 million back to the Saudi government, and explain why he allowed the brother of the world’s most dangerous and wanted terrorist to live at his crowning achievement.

How is Trump going to hold the Saudi government accountable when they have direct ownership in his business? Trump has already hinted that he would not step down from the Trump organization, raising high levels of potential conflicts of interest for the United States government.

But let’s keep pretending Hillary Clinton hasn’t done anything for women and LGBT people because Donald Trump has such a great track record when it comes to equality.


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