BREAKING: 55 U.S. Generals Just Denounced Trump In Historic Rebuke

By By Amanda Froelich:True Activist
“The American people deserve better than a misogynist in chief. Donald Trump’s behavior is antithetical to American values.”

Donald Trump likes to boast that 88 retired generals and admirals have endorsed him, but that achievement pales in comparison to the fact that of the five living former U.S. Presidents, none support him to be the next Commander-in-Chief.

His campaign received another blow when recently, 55 generals and retired generals condemned the GOP candidate over his inappropriate remarks about sexually assaulting women. In an open letter, published in the The Wall Street Journal, the generals wrote that if Trump were to be elected as President of the United States, the epidemic of sexual assault in the military would likely escalate. They wrote:

“If Donald Trump is not repudiated, no amount of training and policy review will bring the changes needed in behavior. During the Commander-in-Chief forum, Trump appeared to be very confused about the significance of this issue. He said that sexual assault should be expected in the military ‘When they put men and women together.’”
“This behavior renders him utterly unworthy of being commander in chief and president. If given such power, Donald Trump would create a command climate intolerant of women and incompatible with a trained, ready and honorable military,” they added.

The signees, including three retired four-star generals, nine three-star officers, and one- and two-star officers, wrote:

“The American people deserve better than a misogynist in chief. Donald Trump’s behavior is antithetical to American values.”

The rebuke is a response to the 2005 leaked interview in which Donald Trump told Billy Bush that he grabs women by the p**sy. Since the ordeal, he has steadily lost favor with the American populace and, it seems, high-ranking military officials. As Hillary Clinton has pointed out numerous times, Trump has made asinine comments toward women more than once in the past. Not only did he attack Rosie O’Donnell based on her appearance and declare that Heidi Klum is no longer a ’10’, he attacked former Miss Universe and called her “Miss Piggy” for gaining weight.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the U.S. military has long struggled with sexual assault and has been actively seeking to remedy the conundrum. These generals believe that if Donald Trump is elected, the issue will only grow to be more prevalent. It’s for this reason they’ve collectively come together to declare that he is unfit to lead the U.S.

Among the signees are many retired senior officers who are well-respected within military circles. The letter was signed by Marine leaders, such as Lt. Gen. Walter Gaskin, Lt. Gen. John Castellaw and Lt. Gen. Willie Williams, all retired, as well as Army Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling and Army Lt. Gen. Donald Kerrick. Signers also include Air Force Lt. Gen. Arlen Jameson and Vice Adm. Donald Arthur.

Said Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy, the nation’s first female three-star general:

“The biggest thing we can do is get it out in the open and out of the shadows. Nobody is keeping any secrets here.”
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