Can You Be Saved and Not A Born Again Christian?

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There are many superlative descriptive epithets I hear from Christians. A sister once told me that a fellow believer is a “good Christian,” prompting me to ask if there was a “bad Christian.” The former is stretching the limit while the latter is an oxymoron. Whatever the sub-adjective we coin to describe a Christian follower, you are either a Christ-believer or Christ-rejector. You cannot be both at the same time. When you respond to a call to examine the evidence of your guilt and sin before a Holy and Righteous God and yearn to be liberated from Satan, Sin and Self, you are inching toward salvation.
What is salvation? Let’s get to the bare basics of that word as used in the Holy Bible. The whole world is under the sway of Satan. Acknowledged or ignored, Satan is the God of the current worldly system. The Sovereign Lord God Almighty didn’t make Satan the God of this current worldly dispensation. Satan became the God of this world, because our First Parents disobeyed the instructions that the Lord God gave them. He commanded them not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He told them the repercussions of violating that sacred command. Satan, the arch enemy of God and man told Adam and Eve they should eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and nothing would happen. In other words, Satan told Adam and Eve the Lord God was telling a lie.

THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL: We are surrounded by many and numerous trees of knowledge of good and evil. That thought that is telling you to appropriate and covet that money or property that is not yours. Each time you surreptitiously drink from another person’s cistern and you convinced yourself that God can understand or simply denies your need for a rescue hand in your current selfish and egotistical ways of life; you have believed Satan and thus his son or daughter. Let’s get this straight; we are not all children of the Most High God on earth.

There are two types of human beings in the world: the children of Satan and the children of God. Although all members of the human race are Gods creation. Our First Parents, Adam and Eve were once God’s children when He created them and placed them in the Garden of Eden. He catered to all their needs and interacted with them as His children. He gave them the garden but there was one thing He withheld from them: the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He still does the same today. Anytime He gives us as individuals many of His benefits and blessings, He sets a boundary. He does this deliberately to test us as a Loving and Caring Father. Adam and Eve were not content with the garden but wanted the tree of knowledge of good and evil so He took back His garden and drove them away from it.

Many of us still have the DNA of our First Parents in us as fallen creatures of yore. For example, God gave the kingship of Israel to King David, but David also had his own tree of knowledge of good and evil: Bathsheba. The Lord God didn’t give Uriah’s wife to King David so when he forcefully used his power and position to covet Bathsheba, the Sovereign Lord God took the kingdom from David.
Don’t tell me and deceive yourself that you don’t have any tree of knowledge of good and bad. There is something that the Lord God has withheld from each and everyone of us so we will not rely on ourselves but look up into Him. Any time someone tells you he or she is a self-made person, walk away from the fellow. There is nothing like a self-made human on earth. Even Satan and his demons do not utter or make such over the top claim. Papa Abraham had it all, except a heir. Jacob had it all except a home. Joseph was destined for greatness, but needed the cup bearer as a facilitator, Moses was called, but still needed the helping hands of Brother Aaron. Over and over again, the Sovereign Lord God Almighty has left something out in each of us so we will not be too self-assertive and self-reliant to establish a spiritual autarky.

THE NEED FOR SALVATION: The moment Adamand Eve boughtSatan’s lie and ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they discovered they were thoroughly finished. As the devil deceived Adam and Eve in the garden on that day, he’s going about in the world today deceiving billions of souls. Remember what Satan told Adam and Eve: You shall surely not die? Well, we knew what eventually happened. If Satan is telling you today that you can get away with your rebellion against your creator and you will surely not be made to account; if you believe the devil, then you are a sucker. Ask your First Parents; Adam and Eve the comeuppance of their rebellion. They lost all. Listening to Satan and his losers: principalities and demons will not profit you a whit, trust me. You are deceiving yourself and setting up yourself for monumental disaster like Adam and Eve, if you chose to disbelief the Lord and cast your lot with Satan. The devil and his demons are eternal losers. They are lost forever. Never again will they partake of anything good, a Godly and goodly on earth. They lost the war against their Maker in heaven and also lost here on earth against the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords, Hallelujah! As perennial and serial losers, you will also lose in the end, if you believe them. Immediately you make up yourself to depart from the losing side of Satan to the winning Side of the Lord Jesus Christ, you must proclaim this affirmation openly and audaciously.

This is what is known as salvation. You will say it with your mouth that, you earnestly believe that you are a sinner. That is, you have been rebellious and recalcitrant towards your Maker all these years, but now, you want to jump the sinking ship of Satan and his losers. Hitch up your wagon to the One who defeated Satan and his losers on the Cross. That is the only One who rescued you and me from the suffocating and pernicious hands of Satan and his demons. The Lord Jesus Christ. Ask Him to take control of your entire life from today onward. I took that decision about thirty one years ago and I haven’t looked back.

Immediately after this convincing affirmation of the Lord Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, you have done a spiritual cross-over. You are now saved. Saved from what? You are saved from the disgrace and shame of Satan and his demons. You are saved from guilt of bad conscience to clear conscience. You are saved from the consequences of disobedience to rewards of obedience. You are saved from the punishment of rebellious creature of God to the blessings of children of the Lord God Almighty. Now the last step after your salvation, and that is, you must experience your sonship in the Lord Jesus Christ.

In natural birth, your earthly parents demonstrate in action that you are their son or daughter. First, they give you a paper to let you know they are indeed your biological parents. In fact, you don’t even know the date of your birth until you are told by your earthly parents. Similarly, now that you are saved, the Lord Jesus Christ wants to let you know that, in deed, you are His own. That was the reason He told Nicodemus that he must be ‘born again.”

HOW DOES ONE TRANSIT FROM SALVATION TO BORN-AGAIN: The Sunday Christian Writers Guild did not invent that phrase ‘born again’ rather our Lord Jesus Christ. He told Nicodemus point blank that he or anyone for that matter would not enter the kingdom of heaven unless the person is born again.

So as we did with salvation, what is born again. After being saved, what else is needed? If you are content with only being saved, you cannot live the victorious Christian life that you need, desired and must have. The reason you were saved is to be free from the harassment of Satan and his demons. If you want to achieve victory over them, depart this world as soon as you become saved. That means you cut lose and run away. That is not a victory, but cowardice.

The reason you were saved in the first place is for you to be here on earth to carry out the purpose for which the Lord God Almighty created and put you here in the first place. If you cut and lose, Satan and his demons will celebrate over you. Consequently, immediately you are saved, the Lord God Almighty wants to give you three powerful things for you to carry out your earthly assignment namely: a heart of flesh by removing your former heart in pre-salvation years known as the heart of stone. There are fourteen characteristics of the heart of stone as opposed to the heart of flesh which we do not have the space to go into here. But we shall do in future articles in this column. The second thing He will give you is a new spirit. Your former spirit which is called the Adamic spirit also has fourteen characteristics as opposed to the new heart He will give you after salvation” The third and final thing He will give you is the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord. You are now a born-again Christian.
Next week: We will explain more on these three things that the Lord God Almighty does after a soul is saved, that is: a new heart of flesh, a new spirit and the Holy Spirit. To be a born-again Christian is not a label or club membership, it is a lived life and beginning next week as the Holy Spirit explains each of the different three stages and their characteristics, you can easily look at your life experientially and conclude whether you are a born-again Christian or not. It is not complicated at all.


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