Dad Ask Pediatricians To Delay Vaccines & Post Their Responses

By Shirley Shaw:Truth Kings
The truth about vaccines is being exposed more and more with each passing day. A dad who follows our site sent this into us and we enjoyed it so much, we thought we’d pass it along. Sound familiar to any of you?


Last week, my wife and I began the grueling task of interviewing pediatricians. I compiled a list of actual quotes from pediatricians which were a response to my saying “we plan to delay and spread out vaccinations.” I would like to stress that we did not ask to skip vaccines, just delay and not expose our child to multiple vaccines at one time. What I am attempting to expose here is that even asking for delaying vaccinations leads to ridicule, insults, propaganda and the application of the “anti-vaxxer” label.

We ended up doing roughly 7 interviews. Here were the initial reactions:

“I can’t force parents to do the right thing, but my job is to be an advocate for the baby.”

“I think it is fine so long as you are OK paying the price of losing your child.”

“I’m just going to hand you these cards with a link to Paul Offit’s research and then you both can get a little more informed. I think it will ease your anxiety.”

“I really encourage you to stop getting your research from the internet.”

“Well most pediatricians will actually not accept you based on this, but my view is that I can help people who are acting dangerously.”

“Here.” Pediatrician hands us a picture of his children. “Those are my children, they are vaccinated.”

Now, what should be noted is that every pediatrician claimed they would do it, begrudgingly, which leads me to believe that they have no choice anymore. Why? Because the movement is on, whether it is parents choosing to pass on vaccinations, skip some, delay others, parents are exercising their god given rights to choose what’s best for their children. If we were the minority, I believe that pediatricians would simply ask us to walk. But they can’t. Because in the end, they need their business.

Of course, we plan to continue our search. This was simply something I wanted to write which hopefully makes others feel just a little bit letter.


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