9 Days to the Premier of Dance for the Delta by Inside ART Productions

So it’s just 9 days to the premier of the long awaited Stage Play, Dance for the Delta by Inside ART Productions.

This Stage Play is unlike any of the stage plays you’ve seen in recent times, no, this one is top-notch and the creative approach is different. Believe me, it is off the hook and yes, it’s got the propensity to blow you off your feet!

This is an highly sophisticated stage production by the guys at Inside ART Productions. Yes, you’ve seen plethora stage plays in your life time. In fact, you just saw one last month and it didn’t really worth your while despite the hypes by the production outfit.

Well, I just have to tell you that this one is different. It is a combination of Dance (as the name infers), songs, and ACTION through expressions and creative gesticulations are exactly what makes this PLAY different from all the others you’ve seen.

The playwright is a seasoned writer whose track records in the ART Industry speak for them self. He’s a writer in his own class and his creative works and ingenuity is highly magical and contagious! By the way, you should read the review of his 2008 bluckbuster titled, Igbangaladi: The Enemy Within.

And the Director, Art Osagie is an “Agbaawo” when it comes to directing. He’s unlike other directors who would bastardize and turn around the initial message the playwright tries to convey through his creative genius. ART Osagie is a top class director who knows how to carefully study, analyze, and beautify any work of art through his directorial genius!

Johnson Goddey having worked side-by-side with “Obanleagbon” for many years decided to recall one of the man’s powerful works (Dance for the Delta) and turn it into something more delighting, something more mesmerizing.

Now, let’s share with you a “very”short biography of these three (3) musketeers:

Dance for Delta by Inside Art Productions

Onkowe Femi Onileagbon (Obanleagbon) is a creative, dogged, redealist, pen-monger, unrepentant scholar, loves ikokore, babies, music & films. He describes himself in a famous interview with CMONKWOSBLOG on February 5, 2016 as a man loved by God who gives him a house filled with wasps to help/protect/defend him as he delivers his burden of messages – which in his case through poetry and drama and other means necessary.

“Onileagbon” as I fondly call him is a fantastic writer and a creative director who truly knows onions well. Though he claimed he doesn’t necessarily swim with the tide of ideologies, I daresay he does as his works are often times filled with plethora ideologies one can immediately copy and apply in their every day activities.

Personally, I believe his creative works are out-of-this-world and they always have a way of drawing a reader or an observer in to not only learn but also to be greatly and positively affected by the emotions and his uncanny didactic approach in such works of ART.

You can follow him on his social handles: Okonwe Femi Onileagbon  | Amazon Book Store

Art Osagie OKEDIGUN teaches Acting and Directing at the Helen Paul Theatre and FilmDance for Delta by Inside Art Productions Academy. He his the director for Art-0-ten PRODUCTIONS. He directed SUSANA ANDLLER in Lagos, commissioned by the French cultural center, Lagos for the 2005/2007 France/Africa director-in-Residence programme for Theatre Exchange and Cultural Dialogue.

His professional career spans over 3 decades of international involvement in drama with UK, GERMANY, CROATIA, GREECE and FRANCE. He is a member of the NATIONAL Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (NANTAP) and the Patron of (BARIGA ARTIST FORUM).

You can hook up with this egalitarian director on Facebook.

Dance for Delta by Inside Art ProductionsJohnson Goddey also known as EMPIRE, is a theatrepreneur who sees light in human Empowerment through Theatre (Dance and Drama). A young Producer whose strength arose from community liberation, using drama as a tool for societalcChange.
Goddey is a versatile thespian. He is a prolific Dance and drama instructor.
Goddey is The ASSISTANT GENERAL SECRETARY OF TAMPAN SHOMOLU/BARIGA (Theatre Art and Motion Picture Producers Association of Nigeria). Some of the plays produced by him are HARVEST OF CORRUPTION, LEGEND OF QUEEN AMINA and etc.


Please follow him on his social handles @ Facebook | Instagram

You are INVITED to join us at SHODEX GARDEN from the 30th of March to April 2, 2018:

“I wish only to dance
Dance for the Delta
That the little ones may play again
Play freely
Out in the fields
Out in the creeks
By the streams of water
And not fear errant bullets
Or runaway missiles”

It’s happening this Easter season when the sun is done fuming with its boisterous fragrance, under the shades of evening when dusk and twilight return home from the day’s rounds, when the moon shall caress the face of the sky and the stars form dimples round it. It shall be happening at SHODEX GARDENS where we shall Dance For The Delta.

Written by: Onkowe Femi Onileagbon
Directed by: Art Osagie Okedigun
Produced by: Inside Art Productions

Dates for the four shows:
March 30th, 2018 (Good Friday),
March 31st, 2018,
April 1st, 2018 (Easter Sunday),
April 2nd, 2018 (Easter Monday).

Time: 6pm daily.

Regular =N= 2,000
Students =N= 1,000

Venue: Shodex Green Theatre, 251/253, Ikorodu Road, Anthony Bus Stop, Lagos.



Be there!!!

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