The Moving Train: An Open Letter to Nigerian Single Men And Women. By Sylvanus Omoniyi

I shared the story of a couple on my Facebook few days ago, as found on Linda Ikeji’s blog. They dated for twelve years before they finally got married. I commend their sacrifice and persistence. It is really scarce to see that kind of dating in this contemporary world, especially in Nigeria where lovers jump from one relationship to another without shame because they are looking for the perfect person. Changing dicks and cunts like changing clothes.
There are people who have had ten relationships in three months. They never get satisfied with their partner. They are always comparing and juxtaposing. They will date this one and leave, date that one and leave. Fuck here and fuck there. The truth is that most people don’t understand that they are their own problems. They keep blaming their partner for everything. They can’t even sustain a relationship for three months because they don’t know that they are the problem.

If you have someone who loves you truly and you know it, and who does not give you problem, I see no reason you should be jumping about like a monkey, looking for what is not lost. Most of us are greedy but we will never admit it. We keep blaming others for our misfortunes. Find a partner who is worth dying for and stick to them. There is no perfect person. Help your partner become what they should be. Don’t compare them to other people. Those who live their lives by comparison never find happiness in life. They keep looking at the blessings of others while neglecting their own. Support your partner’s dreams. Don’t be so selfish that the only thing you think about is yourself. Plan your future together. Don’t become a cancer in their life.
Don’t expect anyone to carry your burden when you are not yet legally married. Don’t turn a relationship to a business venture. If you can’t help your partner, don’t draw them back. Many good relationships have been lost because someone wants their partner to become their Lord and Saviour. It is not possible. They are not your parents. And they are not Jesus Christ. You should both work on your relationship if you want your relationship to work out.

Choose to be responsible. Choose to be a blessing to your partner. Choose to sit down and think and ask yourself what you have contributed to their life. Relationships should be reciprocal. It shouldn’t be one-sided. You can’t expect to withdraw money from a bank when you have made no deposit. Think about these words and apply them. Are you eating your partner up like cancer or you are helping them move forward? You are probably your own problem. And you could be the solution you have been looking for.


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