Death of Prince Audu Abubakar: Did He Force His Luck? By Victor A. Imhangbe

Current political happenings in Nigeria today; especially the just conducted Kogi state governorship election is an exercise that called for sober reflection on the transient nature of power and for us as humans to be observant in knowing the interest of Almighty God in the affairs of men on earth, especially in relation to political activities in Nigeria. Prior to the past general election; there has been a long alleged theory by the American government predicting Nigeria disintegration before 2015; as a sovereign nation. To the glory of God; that permutation has been proved wrong when INEC was able to conducts a peaceful and successful general election that ushered in President Muhammadu Buhari as the winner.

There were prophetic revelations as to know who will finally emerge as the winner in the various political positions, especially the Presidential election by many known men of God. However, at the end of the election, Nigerians were able to know the commercial Pastors that misguided the ousted former President; by lying to him as the chosen one. However, it is worth noting that of all the political prophecies before the general election, the prediction by a reverend man of God residing in Illinois Chicago United States was unique. For the discerning mind that has been following Dr. Moshood Ademola Fayemiwo prophetic utterances, the CEO, Alternative Lifestyle Communication, DBA, co-authored of a book titled: “The Kingdom of Satan Exposed,” is a man after God’s heart.

His Prediction on Nigeria general election winners came out on point titled:
It can be view on:

On the midterm election:

Read the revelation on Kogi state below:

We have done a thorough spiritual analysis on the outcome of the next governorship election in the Confluence State few months ago. What the Holy Spirit showed us then is still the same today and till ext January when a new state chief executive will be elected. First, the obvious as revealed by the Holy Spirit; Gov. Idris Wada will not serve a second term as governor next year, period. The incumbent and the PDP will do a in their powers to retain Kogi State in their column but it will be futile. Money, plenty of it will be deplored; thugs and criminal elements will be used and even imported from neighboring state to cause mayhem and confusion, but at the end of it all, there will be a change at the Government House in Lokoja. The battle to wrest power from Gov Wada in the Kogi Governorship Election will not be determined by personality or popularity contest as the Spirit shows us, rather, on geographical representation and permutations. In this wise, former Gov Abubakar Audu who had governed the state twice will not come back. He is popular and can mobilize the grassroots coupled with his powerful political connections in Abuja, but at the APC primary, he will not succeed. Even if the APC presents him as its flag bearer, at the dying minute, some powerful individuals at the party leadership and at the presidency will orchestrate his removal as governorship candidate. As the Holy Spirit showed us few months ago and He is showing us again for He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews ). The next Gov of Kogi State will come from Ebira Land and he will surprise many. He is a dark political horse with credibility and impeccable personality but without the financial muscle of other candidates in the APC but he will fly the party’s flag and win. His victory will surprise many and his slim victory will be challenged by Gov Wada at the Election Tribuna but at the end of the day, he will govern Kogi State.

Following the outcome of the just conducted Kogi State governorship election, where late Prince Audu of APC was declared as the winner and the shocking news of his sudden death calls for sober reflection. According to Sahara Reporters news: “How APC Guber Candidate, Abubakar Audu Of Kogi, Died”. The governor elect was already dead before INEC officially declared him the winner, what an irony? Nigeria is God’s own country whether we like it or not, and events has proven beyond reasonable doubt that God’s is keenly interested in the affair of Nigerian people, especially the down trodden. Late Prince Audu Abubakar, may his soul rest in peace; prior to the APC primary that elected him as the party flag bearer was allegedly tainted with past corruption misdeed, and his emergence was going to cause a setback to PMB stance on corruption.

The question; would late Prince Audu Abubakar still be alive today if he had not forced his luck against the wishes of God?

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