EXCLUSIVE: Too Close For Comfort! Angelina’s Relationship With Her Brother Put Brad Over The Edge

Radar Online:By Jessica Finn

Brad’s ultimatum: ‘Its him or me!’

Angelina Jolie pulled the plug on her marriage to Brad Pitt, but RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal that behind the scenes, the relationship was under pressure for years — because of her brother!

That’s the claim of documentary filmmaker Ian Halperin, who told Radar about his shocking conversations with Brangelina’s inner circle.

James was so close to them that he was actually living with them,” Halperin claimed. “It put Brad over the edge. Brad gave Ang the ultimatum; it’s him or me!”

As for the long-standing rumors of incest between Haven and Jolie, sparked when the siblings were photographed locking lips not once but twice backstage and on a red carpet back in 2000, Halperin — the creator of Broken: The Incredible Story of Brangelina — says fans will have to wait and see.

“I get into the whole rumors of incest. I do conclude unwaveringly in the film it was mainly a publicity stunt and it worked, but on the flip side people agree the kiss was too close for comfort,” he said. :Then the conclusion is amongst experts ‘No wonder they split.’ Here we are more than a decade later and James is living with them full time. Ultimately it was too close for comfort for Brad.”

Jolie dropped the bombshell divorce papers in September 2016, amid claims that a reportedly intoxicated Brad Pitt had a verbal altercation with their sons Maddox and Jolie on a flight.

Halperin claims, “The rumor is that she reached out to James while she was on the plane to call child services, but I haven’t seen the smoking gun on that point.” DCFS and the FBI both cleared Pitt of any wrongdoing.

While admittedly there was trouble brewing for some time, says Halperin, it was in fact Jolie and her brother’s closeness and his tight proximity within Pitt’s family that was Pitt’s beef.

It really made Brad uncomfortable how close James was. He wanted to be ‘hands on Brad dad’ and he didn’t need another nanny because they already have so many nannies,” Halperin claimed. “Fast forward to present day, Angelina and James are as close as ever, and to this day they work together in the best interest of the kids.”

Halperin added, “Now Ang is saying they are working together to raise them, but the damage between them is already done.”


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