Floyd Mayweather: Why Should I donate Money To Africa What Has Africa Done For Me? (Video)

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Just when you think Floyd “Money” Mayweather has gotten all the foolishness and ignorance out of his system, he displays that it runs deep in him like his boxing skill. The pound for pound and self proclaimed best fighter ever sat down with radio personality Kelly Mac of 107.3 Jamz to discuss donating last year.

Floyd appears open, honest and frank about his lack of donating and lack of desire to donate. The way he sees it is he has an obligation to his family and his family only because let him tell it, no one would ever return the favor if they were in need.

Apparently, Floyd hears it often that maybe he should open up the wallet and give back to those less fortunate than he. And Africa is one of those places that many suggest he donates his money, but he doesn’t think that is a good idea.

“[People] say ‘well, he got all this money, why is he not giving to Africa?’” starts Mayweather. “Well, what has Africa given to us? What has Africa came and gave to my children and to my family? Things work two ways.”

He goes on to talk about how giving away too much money can cause the giver to become broke and needed themselves. A situation that is all too familiar as Manny Pacquiao apparently just did something like this and ended up in financial trouble…thus desperately needing to fight Floyd for a big payday.

Nevertheless, his feelings are peculiar because if Floyd was stacking and saving his money, that would be one thing. On the contrary, he is very extravagant with his earnings buying jets, multiple priceless cares, jewelry and more. Items that are not exactly long term investments or saving for his family….not to mention the reckless betting he is notorious for…yet he continues.

“Everybody’s always talking about giving, giving, giving. That’s the problem. Everybody’s doing so much giving, at the end of the day, they may not have nothing. Then they’ll say ‘why was he giving this to that person, and giving this to that person when he should have been saving?’”

Mayweather stands by the fact that he should be able to do whatever he feels with his money. And by his words, that means providing for his family.

“I never got involved in the sport of boxing to say ‘I’m going to fight and make hundreds of millions of dollars and just give it all away.’ If I’m gonna mess money off in a bad way, I’m going to spend it on myself. I’m going to do what I want to do with my money. You hear people talking about, ‘well, he should…donate to this or donate to that.’ No, I should donate to Floyd Mayweather, donate to Floyd Mayweather’s family. Because that’s what it’s about.”

SOUND OFF: What do you think of Floyd’s decision to shun charity despite earning hundreds of millions of dollars?


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