God’s Perception On The Choice We Made (Conclusion). By Victor A. Imhangbe

It’s worth mentioning to know some choices are temporary in nature while others are permanent. For instance Zara will give you time to return your cloths if you don’t like it, which is temporary choice, however there are choice you made that is permanent in nature like marriage or let say unwanted prenagcy.You as a man may say; you don’t love the girl anymore once she is pregnant, but the baby remains permanent as your child.

Before our conception, God knew our family linage and He has a plan for us. You won’t miss your life goal unless you made the wrong choice. You are not alive until you live the full meaning of your purpose as design for you by God in life. It is therefore not possible for the devil to trash you once you knew your life purpose.

There are two battles we are expose to in life as humans, the needless battle and the battle we cannot afford to loss which is battle of destiny. There is nothing wrong to believe in God predestination idea as God is omniscience God. We can find out in (1st John 3:20), that God is all knowing, and again in the same Bible in (Deuteronomy 30:19), humans have free will to make a choice. In our day to day life, skeptics raised objection to these biblical references that seems to be contradicting.

I would like to use GPS as example to explain God omniscience. When you keyed in the destination of address on your GPS, the moment you punch the start button while you are on the wheel, it will start directing you. At any point you ought to make a turn for instance; when you are asked to make a left turn you decide to go straight or make a right turn, you are only doing it at your free will. The GPS haven stored your final destination, will recalibrate and redirect you from you present location to still negotiate the same destination. For instance, if your destination is for an appointment fixed for specific time, you are bound to be right there on time or late depending on the amount of time you choose to ignore direction at your free will. The bottom line is you will arrive at your destination where God is waiting.

God as omniscience is a good God and through His words has directed us to walk on the right part. With the free will giving to us, it is expected we are properly guided to make the right choice, if we decides to stray that is entirely our choice.

God knows the future of what the free-will creatures choose. Free will does not stop becoming free because God knows what will happen. For example, I know that my child will choose to eat chocolate cake over a bowl full of stinking dead mice. If I were to set them both before my child, it is safe to say that he will not eat the dead mice. Knowing this is not taking away the freedom of my child since he is freely choosing one over the other. Likewise, for God to know what a person will choose does not mean that the person has no freedom to make the choice. It simply means that God knows what the person will choose. This is necessarily so since God knows all things (1 John 3:20). Besides, if a person were to choose A instead of C, then that is what God would have known would happen.

Furthermore, if God knows all things and knows what we are going to choose, then by definition, we are still MAKING THE CHOICE. After all, the argument says that God knows what “we are going to choose.” If we are going to “choose something,” then we really are making the choice, otherwise, it wouldn’t be logical to assert that God knows what we are going to choose. Choice implies the ability to decide between different options. Again, by definition if God knows what we are going to choose, then He knows what we are going to choose between options, otherwise, we are not choosing anything, and the statement is illogical (Matt Slick). In our (part one) discussion, I made mentioned of a greater risk in not making a choice, because not choosing from two option might be a greater problems itself.

It is good to believe in predestination, but it is the choice we made that determines God’s predestination for us. You must also bear in mind that every choice you made without the consent of the one who created us won’t leads to your destination. That one thing that ought to guilds you along God initial purpose in life is the word of God. In (Joshua 1:8), God want us to meditate on His word day and night and do everything according to His word, for it will be prosperous and successful for us to do so.

You cannot just make any choice without seeking God’s permission like; marriage, relocation, works and so on. You need God to direct and bless your choice. The power of choice should be significant in your life, because environment has a great influence to the choice you made. People cannot ask you why you are Asian, or why you are African, or why you are Caucasian, but they can ask you why you made career choice, and the kind of cloths you are putting on, or why you decided to leave your hair unkempt for instance. You need to take full responsibility of the choice you made because you are a product of your own choice. May God guard you to make the right choice in Jesus name’ Amen!


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