High School Students Stage Bra-less Protest After Classmate Asked To “Cover Up” for Making Male Teacher Uncomfortable

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Off with the bras!!! That’s what a group of middle and high school girls are saying getting after a Montana student got sent home for not wearing a bra to school.

Her classmates had her back on this one.

Kaitlyn Juvik, who just graduated from Helena High School, was sent to her vice principal’s office back in late May, just as she was finishing up her senior year. Her crime?

Not wearing a bra.

Apparently, the 18-year-old’s choice to go braless made a certain male teacher “uncomfortable,” which prompted the school’s authorities to step in and ask her to cover up, even though Juvik didn’t actually violate the school’s dress code.

“I was told that a male teacher had complained he was uncomfortable because I wasn’t wearing a bra, and I was told to find something to cover up with,” Juvik said in an interview with People.

When she left the office, she posted this photo on her Facebook page, complete with the caption:

If anyone is curious. THIS is the shirt I was wearing when I was called out!!! not see through, not inappropriate! and you definitely cannot tell I’m not wearing a bra unless you’re looking VERY hard! I was most definitely not wearing anything that was against the dress code!!

Source: Mirror (http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/w...)
Source: Mirror (http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/w…)

The post caught the attention of her classmates, both male and female, and ended up being met with an overwhelming response.

Later that week, Juvik and almost 300 other female students showed up to school braless in protest, with some male students even wearing bras outside of their shirts in their own show of support.

“What I was confronted about was wrong,” she said, in an interview with KTVH. “As long as nothing is showing and you’re covered up, girls should not have to wear a bra…the fact that I was told it makes people uncomfortable offended me because it is my body. It is my natural body and I’m not sure why that is uncomfortable to somebody.”

Since being confronted about her choice in undergarments, or lack thereof, a friend of Juvik started a Facebook page called No Bra No Problem, which now has close to 5,000 likes, and hundreds of people commenting in to send their support.

Source: Mirror
Source: Mirror

One woman from Maine writes: I absolutely LOVE this movement! Women shouldn’t have to be forced to wear a damn bra. If you are looking at a woman’s breast hard enough to notice you aren’t wearing a bra, maybe that person should be the one getting in trouble. Not you.”

What do you think about all this braless drama? Should a girl have to wear a bra under her clothes at school, or is it all fair game once the dress code is met? Tell us in the comments!

To see the local news coverage of this story, check out the video below, as shared by Fresh Screen!


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