Hillary Clinton says the primary race is over: “I will be the nominee”

By Daily Newsbin
Hillary Clinton, now leading the democratic primary race by more than three million votes with just a few states to go, and having amassed the kind of delegate haul which has placed her on a path where she’s absolutely certain to mathematically clinch the nomination on or before June 7th, is done being diplomatic about it. During a CNN interview today, Clinton finally stated the obvious: “I will be the nominee for my party.” It was just one of several assertive remarks on her part during the interview.

“That’s already done, in effect,” Hillary Clinton stated in reference to the fact that she needs fewer than ninety delegates to clinch the nomination and she’ll automatically pick them up from proportional delegates in places like New Jersey and California whether she wins those states or loses them. “There’s no way I won’t be.”

Clinton is not calling on her democratic primary opponent Bernie Sanders to drop out, as she’s seemingly fine with his plan to remain in the race until the final states have voted in June. However she is being far more blunt toward her general election opponent, republican nominee Donald Trump. When asked if Trump is qualified to be President, Hillary Clinton stated “I have concluded he’s not qualified to be President of the United States.” This is the first time she’s been willing to affirm as much in those exact words. So why the defiant turn in her public approach today?

After a weekend in which Sanders supporters tried to violently hijack the Nevada democratic convention, in a failed attempt at stealing delegates for him in a state that Clinton has already won in popular voting, Sanders himself put out a press release in which he mostly sided with their behavior. That prompted numerous respected party leaders including Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer to denounce the entire incident and his handling of it.

Now it appears the incident has pushed Hillary to the point where she’s no longer willing to diplomatically pretend that the democratic nomination is still up for grabs. But she’s still refusing to attack Sanders over the matter, instead aiming her criticisms at Donald Trump, presumably in order to remind her own supporters that he is now her main opponent.


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