If You Want A Rich Husband, Be A Rich Wife.

By Dr. Bien Sufficient:Sunday Adelaja’sBlog
Have you ever had that saying, likes attracts likes? Well I believe we should all be very conversant with this saying. But very few people pay attention to the depth of it. In other words, be everything you will want in your spouse.

I am tired of seeing, hearing and reading about women suffering in all kinds of unhealthy relationships. I am sick of young women reducing themselves to a piece of cake just because they want to get married. I am offended at the rate of pressure the society, especially the African society puts on young women concerning marriage. As if marriage was a license for success, highest achievement or ticket to heaven. My heart bleeds when I see young women running after men and taking all sorts of maltreatment from “these so called men” just because they want to be married.

It borders me to see so many potentials wasting, young women not developing themselves, building their carrier or adding value to themselves but rather jumping from one unhealthy relationship to the other, “husband hurting” with no sense of direction or purpose.

It is even more alarming, how young women are brain washed to believe that the way to riches, is to find a rich man to marry. No wonder these sets of women are no longer interested in working hard, adding value to their lives, pursuing purpose and living their dreams. The only area they are concerned about is on their looks. The physical appearance is their only area of investment. They can go to any length just to wear the latest cloths, bags, shoes and carry the latest gadgets.

This is how the society has succeeded in reducing people into mere existing and not living. Pursuing frivolities without goals or having a purpose for their lives. What happens to you making your own money, what happens to you creating your own wealth, what happens to you living in financial freedom as a woman? Wake up to the hard reality starring at you my dear ladies, nobody wants a liability for a wife.

For you to be anything significant in life, you have to learn to say no to the pressure from the society. You have to be able to know what you want and pursue it without allowing yourself to be affected by the naysayers. You are the one accountable for your life, so you have to stay in charge of it. Don’t let anyone dictate what you should make out of your life. Life is in phases and stages. Do not allow anyone to push you into jumping any phase of life just because you have to be accepted by the society. The society should not be the one to decide when you get married, who you get married to, when you have kids, the carrier you pursue, how you live your life etc.

You have to plan your life yourself and follow through your life plan. Develop yourself, add value to your life and fulfill purpose. If you want a rich man for a husband be a rich woman. Being rich does not necessary have to do with money, physical cash, even though that is of essence. When I am talking about being rich, is far more than money and what money can buy. You have to be rich in values, love, purpose, visions, dreams, hard-work, disciple character, dignity etc.

Be the best you can be, make the most of your life. Invest in self-development and invest in others. You have so much potential untapped. Harness your potentials, put your talents to work and let’s make our world a better place. YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Dr. Bien Sufficient is a Medical Doctor, Pastor, Writer and a Public Speaker.President @Kingdom Lifestyle Movement.


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