Islam Extremist Was About To Kill Christians But Something Changed His Mind…And His Heart

I’m So Blessed
Another conversion story has happened again during one of the mission works of international humanitarian group Christian Aid Mission. This time it’s the story of a jihadist who almost killed the workers out of hate.

According to a director of the Christian ministry, the extremist Muslim man, whose name is concealed for security purposes, came to their camp one day with a plan of killing them for he heard that they were the group responsible of aiding his relatives who are among the refugees.

But when he saw the kind and loving treatment his Muslim relatives received from the workers, he postponed his plan and went home. What he did not expect was an amazing dream that changed his life forever. The man, who was a die-hard Islamic State fighter, met Jesus while he was sleeping.

After that moment, he went to the director to share his experience with Jesus and revealed his plan saying, “”I came to kill you. But last night I saw Jesus, and I want to know what are you teaching—who is this One who held me up from killing you?”

The group then shared to him the Gospel of Christ and he was full of tears the moment he received Christ’s love and compassion. That’s when he fully surrendered his life to Jesus.

This event is actually not the first to happen in the said area for their was another one back in June 2015, which was a story of a brutal extremist who also dreamed about Jesus and had turning point in his life.

At first, the former Muslim fanatic could not grasp how he was taught that those who don’t follow the way of Islam were “infidels” who should be killed. Now as he follows Christ, he has a change of heart and he is never the same again. Just like how Saul turned to Paul, the former jihadist encountered God in a very radical way.


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