Judge Jeanine Rips King Obama’s Comments On Amnesty, Supreme Court

By Rick Wells
Judge Jeanine Pirro has some objections to the response by Hussein Obama to the Supreme Court’s decision on his amnesty dictates. She explains the nuts and bolts of their ruling and offers some advice to the occupant of the White House.

She’s got some real problems with the way that the self-declared dictator characterizes the debate, comments such as “immigration should not scare us” and “immigration will keep us youthful and dynamic.” She counters with it “will keep us poorer and weaker.” She suggest that he take a look at the mess that is Europe, making the mistake of assuming that he wants a stable and prosperous United States. The degradation of what Obama sees as “white colonial” Europe to one which is transforming into a non-white Islamic hellhole is a thing of beauty to our dictator.

He’s doing everything he can, in concert with John Kerry and Jeh Johnson to put the US into similar dire straits.


She has a particular problem with Obama labeling respecting the law as “hypocrisy in the system.” She disagrees with his statement that we need to welcome those illegals. They need to do it the right way, in the Judge’s opinion, just as her family has done. She also points out that there are those trying to get visas who are Europeans who are unable due to the current policy of America-browning that is underway. Her would-be immigrant had too much respect for American law, was unwilling to border-crash and therefore is not welcome in this country. Obama wants third world lawbreakers and terrorists to build his “diverse” America.

Judge Pirro may be overly generous in her assessment that Hussein Obama doesn’t have a clue about the Constitution and the separation of powers. There are many who believe this former instructor of the Constitution knows exactly what he is doing in subverting the rule of law and that it is not, as she states, for the purpose of packing the nation with Democrats, although that is a likely result. He’s packing the nation with non-Americans, making us just like the rest of the world and diluting our exceptionalism, making being an American just like being a citizen of any other nation. That’s a critical component in his fundamental transformation of the United States from a representative government to a Fascist or Marxist oligarchy.

She also might want to be a little less liberal with the use of the term “Mr. ‘president.” He isn’t qualified and has no right to that title. Mr. Usurper would be much more appropriate.


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