Maria Arias: 5 Things To Know About Woman Really Expecting Jose Fernandez’ Baby

by Emy LaCroix: Hollywood Life
Shockingly, the mother of deceased Marlin’s pitcher Jose Fernandez’ unborn child isn’t who everyone thought she was! Jose and fiancee Carla Mendoza split in April, and weeks later his new girlfriend Maria Arias got pregnant! Here are five things to know about the mystery girl.

In a truly bizarre turn of events, we learned that it was not Jose Fernandez’ longtime girlfriend Carla Mendoza that he posted a pregnant photo of on Instagram days before his tragic death, but his new girlfriend Maria Arias. He began dating Maria very quickly after his shocking April split from his fiancee, and she got pregnant weeks after that! Here are some facts about her:

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1. She’s 24 years old and went to school for psychology. Clearly Maria is a smart girl, she was formerly attending college as a psych major, as members of her family told DailyMail.
2. The baby is due in February. Maria became pregnant with the baby in May, which was just weeks after Jose broke up with his girlfriend of three years (and fiancee) Carla. Maria will give birth in Feb.. “He wanted to name the baby girl Penelope,” said Magaly Junco, the wife of Maria’s cousin who once lived with her. “She is due in February and they were living together in his apartment in downtown Miami. They were very excited about having a baby.”

3. She’s met Jose’s ex Carla. DM reports that both women, Jose’s ex and Maria, showed up to his mother’s house in Miami after news broke that he had died in a heartbreaking boating accident. Clearly, there was enough love between them all that they could set their differences aside during the difficult time.


4. She was living with Jose. Maria and Jose may have only been dating for about five months, which seems crazy-fast to move in together, but it sounds like Jose was thrilled to be diving in head-first after he learned he was going to be a dad. “I’m so glad you came into my life,” he gushed on Instagram days before his death along with a sweet pic of Maria’s baby bump. “I’m ready for where this journey is gonna take us together. #familyfirst.” So touching!

5. Maria met Jose through a family friend. Magaly revealed that Maria met Jose because he was best friends with Jessie Garcia, a professional deep sea fisherman who was her sister’s husband.

HollywoodLifers, are you shocked that Carla isn’t Jose’s baby mama? Share your thoughts with us!


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