Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Jackson ‘Totally Out Of Control,’ Report Says

BY SUMAN VARANDANI;Credit ibtimes.com

Paris Jackson’s family is concerned over the 18-year-old’s wild lifestyle as she is “totally out of control,” Radar Online reported Friday, citing a source. According to the report, late Michael Jackson’s daughter got a tongue ring and several tattoos since she started dating Michael Snoddy.

“Katherine absolutely detests this style of dress,” the source told Radar Online about Paris’ grandmother Katherine. “She is not into tattoos or piercings at all.”

The insider also reportedly said: “Paris is completely going against her family’s religious beliefs by getting these tattoos and piercings.

“Her family is just plain scared now,” the insider added. “They believe that this is 100 percent the influence of her new group of friends and her new boyfriend Michael.”

Paris started dating Snoody few months ago and has been open about her relationship on social media. Before Snoddy, Paris was dating Chester Castellaw, whom she split from after a year-long romance.

According to a previous Radar Online report, Paris’s family members were concerned about the 18-year-old after she was photographed smoking a cigarette.

“There are fears that Paris is in a dangerous downward spiral,” an insider reportedly said, adding: “Her family described her as ‘inconsolable’ after her breakup with Chester, and now she has completely shut everyone out.”


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