Money Can Buy Happiness! Man Proposed With Money Bouquet!

By Adelinelh; The Coverage
Money can’t buy us happiness. However this proposal proved us that money can buy us love~

A young man proposed to his sweetheart with a bouquet of “flowers”, and she said YES! The man is a student at Nanchang Teachers College. He got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. The focus of the proposal is on the bouquet of “flowers”! It is not any ordinary flowers, but it is flowers folded using cash!

image-382 (1)

The bouquet of flower is full of cash totaling 5,000 RMB! Obviously, his girl said a YES to his proposal! Congratulation to them!


Money bouquet~ 


She said YESSSSS

Of course, the couple are deeply in love with each other, it’s not a “yes” due to the money bouquet~

For example, there was a case where the man proposed using hundreds of iPhones, arranged in a heart shape. YET, the girl declined his proposal. See? Money doesn’t necessarily buy love, but for sure we can say that money made love more interesting, ain’t it? Teeheee


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