New York Times on Bernie Sanders: “What an ugly way to end a campaign”

By Daily Newsbin
As the Bernie Sanders campaign continues to fall behind by hundreds of delegates and millions of votes, it becomes more clear by the day – to anyone who understands and cares how math works – that he’s already lost the democratic primary race to Hillary Clinton. As Sanders gets more desperate, his tone gets darker and more bitter in a manner which suggests he knows it’s over and merely wants to cause trouble on his way out the door. Today the New York Times is calling him out for the “ugly” manner in which he’s making his exit.

In what he characterizes as a “desperate” attempt at defying math, NY Times columnist and Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman decries the manner in which Bernie Sanders is now conducting himself. Early on, Sanders would merely allow the character attacks on Clinton to be left implied, never explicitly stating them. But now that he’s losing badly and appears to know it, he’s resorting to attacking Hillary’s character in exact ugly words.

This approach now being used by Sanders more closely resembles the manner in which republicans have gone after Hillary Clinton, a strategy they often use against her despite the fact that it has very rarely worked. Sanders now claims Clinton is hiding things in speeches and is bought off by big money, a level of bitterness that has pointlessly divided the left against itself, at a time when he’s no longer even a legitimate candidate in the race.

Krugman concludes by pointing out that even if Bernie Sanders did somehow pull off an impossible turnaround and win the nomination, his ugly tactics have alienated so many on the left that he’d be sunk in the general election anyway. As he sums it up, “what an ugly way to end a campaign that was supposed to be positive and idealistic.”


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