Pastor In Iran Who Was Imprisoned For His Faith Is Now Free After 10 Years

I’m So Blessed
Back in 2006, a Christian Iranian pastor by the name Benham Irani was arrested for leading about 300 church members in the Church of Iran in Karaj.

He was being monitored for some time but was later detained in the middle of leading a Bible study. In 2010, he was again arrested and faced heavier charges such as “action against the state” for his refusal to stop leading Bible studies. In 2014, the pastor had to face more serious charges, including “spreading corruption on Earth” which was also tied up with a death penalty.

However, as many months passed by, many of the charges were dropped and reduced but Pastor Irani remained inside the prison and was often interrogated for hours and was even often tortured by the officials.

It was a difficult time for the pastor. But now, his miracle has arrived. After spending around 10 years in prison, the Christian pastor finally received good news that he would be released from prison. He may have been arrested and imprisoned for a long time for his faith but God never left his side. His family and supporters celebrated for his release.

CEO Paul Robinson expressed his gladness in a statement saying “Release International is delighted that Pastor Irani has finally been set free. We have been campaigning for this for years.”

“CSW welcomes Pastor Irani’s release from prison following his unjust arrest and conviction on false charges,” Mervyn Thomas of Christian Solidarity Worldwide also added.

Despite the celebration of Irani’s release, many Christian ministries in Iran expressed their serious struggle with the issue of religious freedom in Iran and the Middle East.

“We urge the international community to continue to press Iran to uphold its obligations to respect the right to freedom of religion or belief of every religious community within its borders. No one should suffer as Pastor Irani has done, simply for following their conscience and belief,” said Thomas.


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