PMB Should Decongest Nigeria Prison of Petty Thief’s To Give Space To Real Criminals.. By Victor A. Imhangbe

I am a die-hard believer of Nigeria as a nation without apologies to anybody. It has been my dreams for Nigeria as a sovereign nation to take her rightful position among the comity of nations. Our diversities in tribes and religions in my opinion are unique attributes that was divinely ordained to strengthen us as people. As late Chinua Achebe opines in one of his bestselling Novel; “Things Fall’s Apart”. “The White man cunningly and systematically put a knife on the rope that held us together, now we are falling apart”. That is exactly what the Nigerian thievery politicians has been able to do to our collective psyche by weeping up religious and tribal sentiments to brazenly rape the nation of its vast human and material resources.

The coming of PMB was seen by many Nigerians as the last hope of the common man including the author of this piece; to restore human dignity and values to Nigerian people. If we are united and support this current government to diligently solve the myriad of accumulated problems facing the country, the end result will be paradise on earth; and America that pride herself as God’s own country will envy us. We do not lacked patriotic and smart people, but the system has been handed over to the crooks for a long time that made it difficult for them to attain leadership position. The crooks are doing everything to scuttle the good work of the new government to rid the country of corruption and restore economic prosperity to the people. Unfortunately, the common masses who in actual sense the victims of the government systemic failures are found to always took side with the enemies that have denied them of legitimate and decent living condition.

Nigeria is a country where a suspected pickpocket is publicly lynched and burnt to ashes, and the same people turn blind eyes to the real pen robber. Nigeria is a country where a judge will sentence an accuse who stole bread to a long prison terms, and the same judge will not blink an eye to set treasury looters of Millions of naira free. Children of the peasants are unable to make ends meets and resulted to petty crimes; they formed majority of prison inmates all over Nigeria prisons facilities; whereas they are in fact the victims of the barbaric and callous political treasury looters. A case in point is James Onanefe Ibori; whose money laundering charges in Nigerian court was brazenly and shamelessly quashed; the same accused was successfully prosecuted and sentenced to 13 years jail terms in United Kingdom.

I have never hide my admiration of PMB impeccable personality; because he stood for; justice, equity, fairness, transparency and social political and economic prosperity of the country. Indeed it was as a result of his undaunted disposition that endears him to Nigerians of good conscience. At the moment; the country source of income is dwindling as a result of the fall in the price of crude oil which is Nigeria major source of revenue. I am of the opinion that those that denied the masses of decent and basic amenities should be given a befitting prison terms commensurate to the magnitude of their evil and mindless embezzlement. Due to the fact that Nigeria meager resources needed to be judiciously utilize in providing infrastructures in various sectors of the country, the government should be prudent enough not to spend monies on frivolities like expanding or building new prison for these set of rogues being prosecuted.

I wholeheartedly suggest that government grant amnesty to petty thief currently languishing in various prison facilities in the country, especially those awaiting trials who have spend years, for they are victims of the system that fails them. This is to create space for the real criminals who had devoted their lives stealing and accumulating public funds their generation unborn cannot exhaust. They should be placed in the same prison facilities ordinary inmates spend their time without refurbishment. This is so; because in several occasions, the few VIPS crooks that were ever temporarily reminded in Nigeria prison usually break prison rules to continue to live a luxurious and opulence lifestyle, this act should not be allow to repeat itself under this government.

At the moment; President Muhammadu Buhari promised to rid the country of corrupt elements is beginning to gather momentum. As Ambassador Osayomore Joseph; aptly said in one of his songs “the day of reckoning will come, then the person that will show everybody pepper before he show everybody light will come” Indeed we are in the day of reckoning where all the sins of people who mortgage the future and destinies of the common masses will be treated. The daily revelation on how the former NSA Dasuki disburse N30b ‘Loot’ to PDP faithful and the silent collaboration by the former Finance Minister Dr.Ngozi and the former President Dr.Goodluck Jonathan is mind boggling.

When I flashback to reminiscence of the ranting of Elder Peter Godsday Orubebe outburst at the national collation center, I realised it was indeed a do or die affair for the heartless looters of our common patrimony. They were desperate to win at all cost when all signs were pointing to the opposite direction. This desperation was to cover up their skeletons, because they don’t want Nigerians to know the enormity and level of havoc they have wrecked and the magnitude they have plunders the country resources.

Following the unyielding posture of PMB vowed to fulfill one of his electoral promises by bringing corrupt politicians to book, one of the beneficiaries of grand theft; recently and shamelessly came out to render apologies to Nigerians on behalf of the squanderer and bloodletting PDP. The High Chief; Raymond Dopesi is now facing charges of allege fraud and Money laundering. In response to him; former spokesperson to immediate past President, Goodluck Jonathan; who is also allege to be a beneficiary from the looted funds Dr.Doyin Okupe, came out to blamed his party failure to sacked Prof. Attahiru Jega; the former INEC chairman as the cause of GEJ election loss. It is pathetic to note that the bastard as he want to be called since PMB became President; as shameless and arrogant as he is, strongly believe that there are Nigerians who still can swallow his manufactured lies. It is unfortunate to know that there are indeed pathetic and wretched Nigerian masses who buy the crabs he release to the public.

There are two categories of GEJ sympathiser; first are the extremely callous and rich dubious politicians who are largely the beneficiaries of the wholesale and blind looting of nation’s treasury and the second group unfortunately are; the gullible, naïve, brainwashed, and clueless followers and praise singers. These group are the most pathetic, the ones that are easily recruited with a token of #1000 each to carry placard against any indicted culprit for corruption. While the former are doing everything to protect their embezzlement, the later has been compromised to think with their anus by playing tribal and religious sentiments. Unfortunately, they are blind to the atrocities perpetrated by GEJ government, but want PMB to turn water into wine for them, or to drain water out of a rock overnight in a bid to making Nigeria a better place to live.

These set of moronic, barbaric and blindfolded Nigerians does not give a damn if N10 billion was allegedly stolen from Nigeria Treasury and distributed to delegates to the Presidential Primary Election of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), they are careless on alleged N13.570 billion “agreement” between Dasuki and the ex-Director of Finance; they are blinded to allege transfer of N1.45b to Acacia Holdings Limited’s account for special prayers; allege N2.1b given to DAAR Investment and Holding Company Limited for publicity; allege N170m for a four-bedroom duplex; allege N380m to support re-election of members of the House of Representatives; and allege N750m paid into Reliance Referral Hospital Limited’s account for special prayers; allege N670m paid to a publisher; allege N260m transferred to Tony Anenih and allege N345million traced to a former President of the Senate, Sen. Iyorchia Ayu, including the allege N20 million monthly stipend for former VP from Dasuki ATM.

I want to categorically posit here that I belong to the conscious minded Nigerians who dreams of a better tomorrow not minding the present circumstances. I believe in unbiased, committed and dogged war against corrupt Nigerians who have stolen from the public treasury. I do not belong to some change agents that feels that the war against corruption should only be directed at PDP. For this war against corruption to be meaningful PMB must not succumb to such preferences, I have pointed out on several occasion to voice my opinion on the allege contract inflation of Mr. Babatunde Fashola former Lagos state Governor; and the allege indictment against Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi; If such allegations are genuine with concrete evidence, I am of the opinion they should be given equal treatment because stealing is stealing there should be no sacred cow. Above all, government should formulate policy to rehabilitate the petty thief’s that litters all the nation prison for they are the victims of unscrupulous judges and fraudulent justice system.
God bless Nigeria.


Victor Imhangbe

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