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Vatican | The new Pokemon Go frenzy has reached the highest sphere of the Vatican as Pope Francis has solemnly condemned the game as “anti Christian” and “a danger to younger generations” accusing the game of praising “witchcraft and sorcery”, occult practices opposed to Christian values, he said during a speech yesterday.

The news came as a surprise to millions of Catholic Christians around the world even though many Christian organizations were already alerted by the games ‘deviant’ nature.

“Pocket monsters, ghosts, demon-like creatures, this game is inspired by Hell,” warned cardinal Eugene Vittrorini last week.

Pope Francis himself warned about the games occult nature, fearing it could lure “younger generations” into thinking “witchcraft and sorcery” are meant to be fun and amusing.

“Young children and even adults fantasize about controlling an army of devilish beings inspired by visions of Hell” said cardinal Victor Huglenn, a close counselor to Pope Francis, on a German Catholic radio station, last week.


Pope Francis fears Pokemon Go could lure “younger generations” into thinking “witchcraft and sorcery” are meant to be fun and amusing.

« Evolutionist propaganda »

The condemnations do not solely come from the Catholic side of the Christian church, as the protest seems to have monopolized the attention of Protestant church leaders alike.

“Pokemon Go teaches young kids that evolution is cool, through the evolution of these demon-like creatures that span out of nowhere” said San Antonio-based Protestant pastor, Lee Harvey Hughes last week.

“This is clearly a free-Masonic attack on our youth. This game clearly promotes evolution, devil worship and Satanism,” he said during a local radio interview last week.

Nintendo shares have skyrocketed since Pokemon Go’s release and instant transformation into a global cultural phenomenon, boosting the market value of Nintendo Co. by $9 billion in just a few days.



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