Protestors Come for Kayne West For ‘Multi-racial Only’ Casting, But Here’s The Flip Side…

By Reinaa Royale via FanBread:The Ged Section
Kanye West recently called for a “multi-racial women only” casting audition for his upcoming “Yeezy Season 4,” fashion show and people threw a fit!

Ok, y’all have heard the side of the protestors…now let’s break this down shall we. Voice of reason…here we go.

The outrage:

Carolina Bama @Awkward_Duck
I could potentially buy yalls ‘in assuming he means light-skin you’re excluding darkskin multiracial people’ except…Kanye. This ain’t new
3:25 AM – 5 Sep 2016

anna @brattydarko
we all know that by “multiracial women” kanye means light skin women with loose curls let’s not play.

anna @brattydarko
we all know that by “multiracial women” kanye means light skin women with loose curls let’s not play.

anna @brattydarko
Ofc there are multiracial women who don’t look like that but judging from his past models and even his damn family, we can assume that.
1:38 PM – 4 Sep 2016

The voice of reason…

Hold it! Before we get in our feelings, lets review. Casting: a process for selecting a certain type of actor, singer, model or dancer for a particular role.


T△MMY @m1ttyc
9 Mind-Blowing Moments From The Kanye West Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Show #KanyeWest
10:13 PM – 26 Jun 2016

We know Kanye has no issues with using people from different ethnic backgrounds…did you see Yeezy Season 3? Or better yet, his recent steal-the-VMA, spotlight video, “Fade,” with Teyanna Taylor and her fiancé Iman Shumpert. Maybe you missed it! So news flash, Kanye is one of the very few breaking the mold, creatively when it comes to using ethnic backgrounds in his projects.

Some people get it.

A @Aunni_
if you think multiracial means light skin ya stupid, Kanye always puts women of all skin colors on his shows
5:26 AM – 5 Sep 2016

Every single person in the industry that has creative control of a brand, be it a movie or an ad will have an image in his or her head of the vision and use castings to effectively bring the vision to life. Casting restrictions are then sent to agencies and they send out models accordingly, this helps to save a lot of time.

Speaking on time, Kanye’s casting call in New York lasted about 6 hours according to an NY Magazine writer who attended the casting and wrote about it. The writer critiqued Kanye’s casting call as a waste of time, saying it was rigged in favor of models. #NewsFlash: What else would they be looking for? You are at a casting call for a FASHION show for FASHION week! OF course they would be looking for models. It wasn’t America’s Next Top Model. (BTW they still favor models ya just don’t have to be trained or seasoned) or an American Idol.


Aquamarine✨ @ladybreec
Yeezy Season 4 casting

“they want black features not black girls”

There was even a topless protester about Kanye’s decision cast a multi-racial look. The girl protesting was topless, wearing an unbuttoned cargo jacket and scarf wrapped around her neck and sunglasses. On her chest and torso was written in marker: They want black features not black girls.   She held a sign that called out Ye and labeled multi-racial people as mutts.

By black features, we can insinuate the protester meant big butts and big lips. And for the ‘rigged’ models that showed up with legit, high fashion, casting agencies, who were over 5’8’, with hips no larger than 36 inches. Those requirements are not regularly seen on black women or any woman for that matter. Which brings us back to the point of casting!

And the nerve to demean multi-racial people by calling them mutts! Red flag! Newsflash #2: when you make people believe they are not human by equivocating them to something not human…you’re guilty of the same issues you’re slamming Kanye for. Think about that!

KANYE WEST ✔ @kanyewest
4:16 AM – 4 Sep 2016

So if Kanye wanted models why did he post it on social media? Why not just use casting agencies?

This was probably done because as I said agencies get word of castings internally and decide who in their repertoire will attend. This means that some models that fit the casting may not be chosen. #politics

So making the casting public will allow every model to catch wind of the gig. Of course, this means that folks who never modeled a day in their life will show up also trying to make the band.

Don’t be mad at Ye! The casting call was posted in a public forum but most definitely intended for professionals.

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