RNC Asked Trump To Remain Silent Following Orlando Shooting

By Ivana M:Proud Democrat
Concerned that the face of the party might go off script again, officials within the Republican National Committee implored Donald Trump to limit his Sunday comments on the tragic Orlando shooting to condolences and not mention President Barack Obama.

According to MSNBC, a source within the Republican Party claimed Trump was given the advice which he promptly ignored opening himself up for more criticism for being glib and self-promoting.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee lasted exactly one tweet, writing “Really bad shooting in Orlando. Police investigating possible terrorism. Many people dead and wounded,” before reverting back to his normal Twitter persona by promoting himself and lashing out with bigoted comments.

By mid-morning, Trump praised himself with a tone-deaf tweet saying, “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism,” before challenging President Obama to either call the shooting, “radical Islamic terrorism’” or “resign in disgrace.”

In an email to CNBC’s John Harwood, Dan Senor, a George W. Bush administration official who fielded questions during the Iraq War, said that Republican anticipated Trump’s comments on Obama “should be [a]serious concern.”



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