(SHOCKING) Gwen Stefani Turns Down Blake Shelton’s Marriage Proposal

By Samantha Wilson:credit Hollywood Life
Gwen Stefani went ahead and broke Blake Shelton’s heart! Gwen turned down her country beau’s surprise proposal, according to a new report. Is it just cold feet, or is the honeymoon phase already over?

Blake Shelton, 39, reportedly had an amazing proposal planned out for girlfriend Gwen Stefani, 46, but she turned him down, according to a source who spoke to Radar Online! Why would Gwen refuse a romantic proposal from the guy she loves so much? The answer is shocking — read on!

Blake allegedly sat Gwen down for an indoor picnic at her mansion in Los Angeles recently, and prepared to pop the question to his love with a whopping $1.2 million Tiffany diamond ring! In an adorable move, Blake allegedly hid the massive rock at the bottom of a bucket of KFC fried chicken! But when Gwen found it, she reportedly didn’t give the reaction Blake was hoping for, according to the source.

“Gwen was very touched, but [told Blake] she had to wait [for marriage] to make sure it was right for the kids,” a source told Radar Online. Understandable! Gwen has three young boys, the eldest of which just celebrated his 10th birthday, and she and Blake have only been together for six months! But that reportedly wasn’t the only reason she decided to put marriage on hold.

“Gwen fears their age will get in the way of long-term happiness,” the source said. “She’s 14 years older than Blake’s ex-wife, Miranda Lambert!” Gwen allegedly “believes the time may have passed for her to have another baby. She’s worried Blake won’t be happy in a marriage where he might never be a father.” That’s so sad! Poor Gwen!

There’s reportedly a third reason why Gwen is so reluctant to tie the knot again. She just finalized her divorce from cheating ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, 50, and she’s allegedly terrified that heartbreak could happen again! “Gwen wants to trust Blake, but she fears it could come back and bite her,” the source said.

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