The Moving Train: Aliko Dangote, Bukola Saraki, and the New Jesus Christ;By Sylvanus Omoniyi

Peter Obi here. Peter Obi there. Peter Obi online. Peter Obi offline. Everyone is speaking about this man who seems to appear righteous before Nigerians. He is the New Jesus Christ in Nigeria for now. Those who have never heard about him before are even on the streets and social media barking his name. And I’m here looking at all the drama. Everyone seems to love this man, but Nigerians cannot be trusted. The people who are singing his praises today will turn against him tomorrow if he tries to expose their corrupt practices.

I have said it, Nigerian politicians are the problem of Nigeria. Honestly, Nigeria has no problem. God has indeed blessed us with everything we need to lead comfortable lives. We have water. We have good lands that are suitable for farming. We have oil. We have other natural resources that we can’t go on counting. But we are still poor because those who are leading us are poor in the brain. They are not only poor in the brain, their greediness has prevented them from reasoning like humans. They now reason and act like animals in the forests. And that is bad for any nation.

When the leaders of a country who are supposed to think and act like human beings now think and act like animals in the jungle, what you will have in such a country is recession and corruption in various forms. You can’t have animals in government and expect a peaceful reign. It is not possible. Animals will always act like animals. They will bite one another. They will tear one another apart. They will even be ready to bite and tear anyone who makes a move to settle the commotion that they have created.

Animals don’t have the time to think about others. They care only for themselves. They live like there is no tomorrow. Animals don’t know how to manage resources. They waste anything that comes around. Such is the case of most Nigerian politicians. They are bastards! I’m happy there is someone like Peter Obi in Nigeria, who reasons like me, who wants the government to cut the cost of governance. Peter Obi has refused to join the train of greediness that is driving people like Aliko Dangote and Bukola Saraki. These two evil spirits are not good for Nigeria. They should be pelted with sachets of pure water.

Nigeria may not get better until our leaders learn to sacrifice. It may not get better until political office holders’ salaries are slashed. Their allowances must be looked into as well. The money the government is spending on politicians, which is not always necessary, is enough to make life better for all Nigerians. They call us the giant of Africa, but we know that we are not giant anymore. No. Nigeria is not giant anymore. We are weak. We are helpless. We are impotent. We have prayed and fasted enough but it seems that God has deserted us. Yes. God has left Nigeria because we have turned our backs on Him through our actions. It is time to go back and think and act. Nigeria can still be great again!


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