The Moving Train: An Open Letter to Joy Isi Bewaji : By Sylvanus Omoniyi

I have heard a lot and read a lot about Joy Isi Bewaji and I don’t consider it a crime for me to say one or two things about her. Before I move on, a lot of people have been saying madam Joy is sick in the head and so she needs the services of a doctor. Well, that could be true, considering the uncountable negative vibrations oozing from her buccal cavity. They say wherever Joy walks into, there must be trouble. Too many allegations on her. According to reports, Joy was responsible for the fight between Adesuwa Oyenokwe and Betty Irabor.

Joy has fought with Emmy Collins, Makosi, Toyosi, Linda Ikeji, Jumoke Verissimo and a lot of other people. I think Joy is a frustrated woman. She needs to grow up. She is probably suffering from her past hurts. I don’t know whether you are presently in any relationship or not, but what I know is that you need to forget about your bad past and create another beautiful future. Well, if you have had a failed relationship, that is not a ticket to keep spitting bitterness and hatred on other people. Deal with your issue. Find solution to your problem. Don’t drag others in your mud.

By the way, madam Joy, don’t you think you are growing up and that you need to do away with causing troubles here and there? Don’t you think you are too lousy? Don’t you think you need to control your mouth? I heard you have scattered a lot of marriages and broken many relationships with your bad mouth. It was reported that your bad mouth also affected your marital life, so much so that your husband turned you into a punch bag until your marriage finally hit the rock. I’m sorry but you need to work on yourself.

Madam Joy, you have chased away all your wonderful friends because of your bitterness. You have burned many bridges. You have fought many people. You have turned yourself into a barking mad woman because you want to court attention by all means. You are too arrogant and full of yourself. Your form of feminism is not good. It is bad for women. If I may ask, are you happily married? Are you even with your husband? If the answer to these questions is NO, then you are not qualified to teach Nigerian women anything. Just go and sit down. You’re not a good role model. You have so much bitterness in you. We can feel it. You need to forgive yourself and whoever must have hurt you in the past.

Joy Isi Bewaji, please, I’m begging you, rise up from your pain bed. Rise up from that bed of frustration and bitterness and anger. You have lied down for too long. It is time to rise and heal. You are misleading a lot of women unintentionally because of your misfortunes. I understand. I don’t blame you. I know it is because of your pains. I know you have been hurt. I know you are broken internally. You are pained and you need to heal. And the way to heal is not by transferring aggression on other people. No. They are not responsible for your misfortunes. So, they don’t deserve your anger.

There are other ways to heal. Everyone already knows that you are a broken woman. And a broken woman can’t fix a fellow broken woman. It is not possible. You have been deceiving people with your feminism campaign. It is not working. It can’t work. You need to fix yourself first. You need help, but you are afraid to reach out. In all of your weirdness and troublemaking, you are an amazing woman. And we love you, although you are stubborn. Aunty Joy, we are ready to help you if you are ready to be helped. I’m Sylvanus Omoniyi. Thank you!


Victor Imhangbe

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