The Moving Train: David Oyedepo and Covenant University, Joy Isi Bewaji and the glass of Lemonade. By Sylvanus Omoniyi

About three hours after writing about David Oyedepo and his exorbitant university school fees, my phone suddenly went off. It tripped off totally and it has not resurrected till this moment that I’m writing this post. Could this be the result of my constructive criticism of the man of God? Is this one of the many blessings that Oyedepo promised anyone that criticizes him? Has the wrath of God been unleashed on my phone? Anyway, I have got another phone and I want to promise all Nigerians that I will not speak against Oyedepo’s idiosyncrasies again throughout this year, so that what happened to the first phone won’t happen to this one too.
I want to say a final word on Oyedepo and Covenant University for this year. I may not be able to sleep until I have said this. Will Oyedepo fall sick if he decides to subsidize Covenant University’s school fees? Why was Covenant University built? Is it to lessen the problem of Nigerians or to multiply it? Is the school built with Oyedepo’s personal money or with church members’ tithes, offerings and voluntary donations? How will those who contributed to the progress of this university, especially the average and the poor, benefit? If Jesus Christ were to be the owner of Covenant University, would He have charged such an exorbitant school fees that Oyedepo is charging students now?

On Joy Isi Bewaji and her article titled, ‘Linda Ikeji and her glass of Lemonade’, I quickly want to say a few things. Joy Isi Bewaji actually wrote an article for Linda Ikeji, praising her bloggatory prowess, her determination and her courage to remain strong in spite of the many challenges she has faced and is still facing. Joy wrote: “Linda has built her success on the stories of people who cannot keep their mouths shut; and in most cases, she did not need to send a SWAT team to clarify why they couldn’t just keep their mouths shut.

I have on occasion stood in judgement of her, but it is time to focus on the social/media empire she is building loan-free that will employ Nigerians, thus giving hope to many families, lend an added voice to social discourse, unveil many young talents, and promote even further the entertainment business. And that’s even before considering her TV and radio stations getting set to dish new and exciting programmes. It’s a new season for Linda, and new beginnings for many people just by this singular act of expansion. It is something worth commending from a woman who sits on a swivel chair, staring at her laptop, TV permanently on CNN, only half interested in anything else around her, with nothing but pure determination, and an unbridled desire to succeed to keep her coming back. Again and again.” With the message above, Joy Isi Bewaji seemed to be in a good spirit at the moment of writing that article.

On Muhammadu Buhari’s failing administration. I think Buhari has good intentions for Nigerians but he seems not to know how to go about it. Since Buhari came into power in 2015, he has not been able to achieve so much, except globetrotting and witchhunting. He has focused his energy on picking political criminals and travelling around the world while Nigerians continue to feel the excruciating pains of economic recession. As for Buhari and his family and other politicians at the corridors of power, they don’t know what recession is because almost all their needs are provided by the state. Buhari wants to make a change but he has not created an alternative means of survival for the people before the real change comes.

Nigeria is not moving forward because the people that Buhari surrounds himself with are unintelligent and dumb. Or because Buhari is adamant and doesn’t listen to their suggestions. Let me be frank, corruption is Nigeria and Nigeria is corruption. This nation is in danger if Buhari does not do something on time. People are hungry. Youths are jobless. Government workers’ salaries are not coming on time. Things are so expensive in the market. School fees have become high. Parents and guardians are complaining. People will be forced to engage in social vices if the economy becomes too harsh. We have heard stories of fathers stealing foodstuffs from markets to feed their family. Corruption will continue to exist if Buhari doesn’t act on time. I believe there are intelligent people in Nigeria. Buhari should bring them together and deliberate on the way forward. Most Nigerians are running out of the country because they can’t stand the suffering any longer. APC promised that Nigeria would be better in 2015. It wasn’t better. This is 2016 and they are promising that 2017 will be better. For how long shall we continue to deceive ourselves? For how long will Buhari continue to breastfeed Nigerians, deceiving us as if we are babies? For how long, please?


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