The Moving Train: Honesty Is the Worst Policy. By Sylvanus Omoniyi

Most of us run into trouble because we follow what the society says instead of doing the things that work for us. The society says speaking the truth at all times is good, that honesty is the best policy, but you know that whenever you speak the truth, you always run into trouble, and you still continue to speak the truth? Because the society says so? What works for one person may not work for another. What serves as food for one person may serve as poison to the other.

I have always believed that everyone should make use of the grey matter in their heads to make life comfortable for themselves and the world. I don’t believe in being honest all the time. It is foolishness. You’ll always land in trouble. It is impossible to pass through this world as a honest man. In this contemporary world, a honest man is an enemy of the society. It is even worse in politics. You can’t find a honest politician. Try to be honest in politics and you will blame yourself. They will frustrate you. They will kill you.

Something happened some years back. Assassins broke into a house and demanded for the husband. The wife lied to them that the husband wasn’t around. The assassins left on that day and the husband was preserved. If the wife had spoken the truth, they would have killed the husband. Many similar stories abound. I like to live a honest and sincere life, but it is very difficult to do so in this world. People don’t get to appreciate it.

The society tells you to embrace honesty and then they make you feel guilty for being a honest man. We live in a society that is insane. That is why you shouldn’t embrace everything that the society tells you. You should do the things that work for you and let society do the things that work for it. If you want to be a honest man, please go to heaven. That is where honest people live. You can never enjoy honesty in this world.

The other day, we were having a discussion and the lady asked my opinion on sex before marriage. I honestly told her, ‘Me, I will fuck my wife before getting married to her o’. She felt somehow but I have given my honest opinion. I will not test the product before buying it? Who does that? In these days? The world is becoming simpler and yet complicated. Even the God who created us doesn’t give us the same grace. Many things are happening. You can only trust yourself.


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