The Moving Train: Linda Ikeji, Ayo Fayose, Sean Tizzle and other madness:By Sylvanus Omoniyi

Sylvanus Omoniyi
Sylvanus Omoniyi

Although Peter Ayodele Fayose, the governor of Ekiti State sometimes acts like a mad man, I think Nigeria can still get better if we had more people like him. The man is opinionated, just like Femi Fani-Kayode. But I think FFK is now sleeping. He is no longer the man we used to know. He has become so weak like a man whose testicles has been grabbed by his angry wife. Ayodele Fayose is the only politician in Nigeria, for now, who is not afraid to call Buhari a stupid man. He is the one who has been showing Nigerians the many weaknesses of Muhammadu Buhari.

It is true that Buhari has been jumping about, telling Nigerians that he is recovering money from looters. But where is the money going? Where is Mr. Buhari putting the many billions he claims to be recovering? Nigerians have been patient enough. It is time to tell Buhari that we are not fools. He should stop telling Nigerians that the corruption in Goodluck Jonathan’s administration is responsible for his own failure. Buhari should give account of the funds they have recovered from looters and what has become of these billions. Nigerians didn’t elect him to come and complain but to come and work to make us better. If he is not ready to work, he should go home. Simple.

On Linda Ikeji and the N85 million office. Most Nigerian women are now angry as to why Linda will spend N10 million annually as office rent. They said she could have bought a land and build one herself. They said she is a prodigal daughter. Some even said she cannot get a husband to marry her. But me, I don’t blame her. It is her money. She has the right to spend it anyhow she likes. I congratulate Linda on this bold move. Those who are sad with her should go and work to make their own money. Now that Linda has registered her company, some Nigerian youths can now be employed. This will reduce poverty in our dear nation. Nigerian politicians should become like Linda by creating employment instead of squandering our money. They should stop being useless.

On Nigerian musicians and pidgin English. When will Nigerian musicians stop using pidgin English to answer standard interview questions? It is irritating when an interviewer asks you a question in standard English and you respond in pidgin. This is very common with Nigerian hip-hop stars. Recently, I read an interview involving Sean Tizzle and I couldn’t concentrate because he was hopping between standard English and pidgin. This is not only peculiar to Sean Tizzle, other Nigerian artistes are guilty of this error, even TuFace Idibia who is seen as a big name in the Nigerian music industry. The only person I have come to respect so much in that area is Ruggedman. He has a good command of English language. When he speaks, he speaks like a god and you must listen to him. He is not like other musicians that speak as if they are making noise. Ruggedman doesn’t sound like his name. He is not rugged. He is a cool guy with an appealing appearance.

By the way, I think Nigerians should tell Aisha Buhari to leave Ayo Fayose alone and concentrate on how to make Nigeria better by working with her husband. There is so much poverty and suffering in Nigeria that we cannot continue to watch a display of foolishness from these political pilots. Something has to be done, or Nigeria will remain a country of corrupt people.


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