The Moving Train: Monkeys in Black Uniforms and the City of Bars.By Sylvanus Omoniyi

That morning, we decided to meet at the University of Ibadan. The three of us: Collins, Sophia, and I. Collins was the one who first sighted me while I was looking for something to drink. So, we finally bought two plastic bottles of Maltina drink and we crossed the road to enter the University. At the gate, Sophia’s call came in. I picked it and she explained that she was on the way. We decided to wait for some time, so that she could meet us outside the gate.

Finally, she came around and we toured the university, visiting various departments in the citadel of learning. When we got tired of the place, we moved out to visit other places. Along the way, we decided to visit the Oyo State Government House. We got there but the police men guarding the GH said we cannot take pictures. Ordinary pictures? They didn’t allow us even after explaining to them our mission.

I was a bit angry but I controlled myself. Those police officers at the gate of the Oyo State Government House are illiterates. There was even one man among them. I think he was the boss because the first man we met directed us to him. When we got to him, he was looking like a criminal, with his oversized body. He was actually fat and short. I kept imagining how a police officer with that kind of stature will find it easy to chase a criminal when the need arises. He was eating ‘amala’ like someone who has not eaten for a long time.

The reason for my anger was that people can come from anywhere in the world and take photographs in front of the White House, which is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. They can stay outside and take whatever pictures they want to take, but they may only be restricted from going in, except on invitation. But, this is Nigeria, where you can’t even be allowed to take a picture in front of the Oyo State Government House, because the police officers there are stupid, uneducated, myopic and paranoid.

Anyone can get angry. I don’t care. Oyo State Government House is not more important than the White House in Washington DC. If Americans could take pictures outside the White House, why can’t Nigerians take pictures outside the State Government House? Someone intelligent should answer me. The government of Oyo State should gather their police officers and retrain them because these ones that I met at the gate are a great disappointment to their state. They need proper reorientation.

By the way, almost everyone in Ibadan are drinkards. There are more bars in Ibadan than there are churches and mosques. Almost every house in Ibadan has a bar. They don’t care. They don’t hide it. They drink alcohol like water. They drink it anytime and any day. It is not impossible to find an Ibadan man in a bar at 7am drinking beer. They love alcohol more than they love God. No one should come to my timeline to argue. Go to your bars and argue with your bottles of beer. I have said my mind. Ibadan is not only a city of brown roofs. It is also a city of bars.


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