The Moving Train: Nigeria, a Country Where Destinies Are Slaughtered.By Sylvanus Omoniyi

In November 2012, Dangote Group released an advertisement for graduate drivers. A massive 13,000 applicants were received by the Dangote Group for the Graduate Executive Truck Driver positions. There were 6 Ph.D, 704 Masters, and over 8460 Bachelor degree holders. But what is needed is only 100 drivers. And I wondered, why would someone go to school and expend so much energy and money acquiring a Doctorate degree only to come out and drive a truck, which a drop out or school certificate holder can easily do without any stress?

We continue to rely on the government for employment. They continue to disappoint us also. We go to school and graduate and roam the streets, looking for something to keep body and soul together. Most of us can’t even practice the courses we studied in school because there is no provision by the government. It is beginning to dawn on us that the importance of formal education is to know how to read, write and communicate in public. The rest is self-development.We need to stop waiting for the government to give us job. The government of Nigeria is a disgrace. They will slaughter your destiny. You need to discover your talent and start using it.

We need to make up our minds to be useful to ourselves and the society. The greatest journey anyone can embark upon is in the mind. The reason many of us are not progressing externally is because we are not progressing internally. Our imagination must come before our reality. Everything that exists in the world today has its origin from the mind. Everything finds its origin from within. Nothing comes into existence from without. If your life will move forward, your mind must first move forward. You can’t have a life revolution until you have a mind revolution.

If your mind is in bondage, then your life will be in bondage. The first battle you need to fight is the battle of the mind. If you are able to win in your mind, then you are a victor in reality. And also, if you are beaten in the mind, you are beaten in reality. Your greatest deity is within you. It is not external. The solution to the problem of your life exists within you. You can be chained physically but no one has the power to chain your mind except you. It is time for Nigerian youths needs to wake up. It is time for us to use our minds to create positive changes in our country. Our elders have disappointed us. We should stop relying on them.

The limitations that exist in our lives are the limitations that exist in our minds. If your mind is unlimited, then your life is unlimited. If your mind is poor, then your life is poor. If your mind is negative, your life is also negative. You are the reflection. Your mind is the real you. You are just a perfect imitation of your mind. The confusion you are experiencing in your life is the confusion you are experiencing in your mind. I may be sounding like a motivational speaker but that is just the reality. To change our world, we have to start by changing our minds. And the time to start is now. The future is today. There is no tomorrow !


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