The Moving Train: Patience Jonathan, Nollywood and the Animal Kingdom. By Sylvanus Omoniyi

It is impossible to be sane in Nigeria. You must be a mad man to be able to live in this Animal Kingdom. All sorts of things will always combine to tell you that Nigeria is a country inhabited by insane people. The deafening and ear-splitting noise from people in different churches and mosques, praying to an unknown God who may never answer their prayers. The loud music from mad neighbours. The incessant and never-ending pressing of horns by carefree drivers. The instability of electricity that characterizes the black country. The deplorable health system. The death trap roads. The capsized educational system. The untruthfulness of politicians and a host of other things. All these are enough to have an agglomeration of frustrated, angry-looking, insane people living in an insane country.

A lot has happened in Nigeria and is still happening. Madness everywhere. In schools. In politics. And even in Nollywood. Does anyone know where Frank Artus is? That boy needs to come out from wherever he is hiding to defend himself. There is a particular woman by the name Charity Janssen, who has gone on Facebook to lay curses on the Nollywood actor, Frank Artus, who, according to her claims, owes her money and has refused to pay. I don’t know whether this is true, but movie makers should respect themselves and find ways to settle their debts, not waiting for people to embarrass them publicly before they do the necessary things.

I don’t respect Nollywood stars anymore. This is because most of them don’t deserve the respect we always accord to them. The society always sees them as big people but most of them are broke asses like the rest of us. I blame Nigerians for thinking too highly of them. The fact that you see somebody on TV does not mean they are living better lives. I’m not angry because they are broke asses. I’m only angry because most of them don’t live within their means. They always want to appear glamorous. It is okay to be glamorous but you don’t have to be glamorous in debt. If you want me to respect you, go and pay your debt and stop deceiving yourself. Most Nollywood stars are living fake lives. They are smaller than what they are showing the world. I’m angry at their foolishness.

By the way, do you know that no one would have believed that Dame Patience Jonathan was also a corrupt politician until the recent development in the country? Patience and Jonathan are part of the many problems of Nigeria. They have almost eaten the future of this country away. You can just imagine what twenty million dollars ($20m) can do in the lives of Nigerians. It may not help everyone but it will help some people.

People are crying of hunger and lack and dying everyday and somebody is hiding this huge amount of money? And we continue to wonder why Nigeria is not moving forward, even with all the countless religious institutions that we have? The answer is plain: the people are bad. They are greedy. They do not care about what becomes of their neighbours as long as they are comfortable in their own little shells. Nigeria is a country of religious but unspiritual people. A country of fanatics who claim to worship God but know nothing about God. I’m pissed off with this Animal Kingdom.


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