The Moving Train: The Death of Buhari And Some Paragraphs of Nonsense.By Sylvanus Omoniyi

The last few days have been terribly busy for me. There are times I don’t even have the time to eat. Thinking and planning and activating. Putting things together. Working on ideas and doing a lot of things. Honestly, thinking can be a very difficult job. It is not easy to move forward. You lose sleep. You lose fun. You think to the extent that your brain begins to tell you that you have to give it rest, or you risk breaking down. You think to the point that your head begins to boil.

And even at that, there are always people who will come to you with their problems. You will be expected to come up with solutions. They don’t want to know whether you are breaking down. No. You just have to solve their problems. By fire by force. You’ll be expected to put your own problems aside to attend to them. You have to make sacrifices. Yes, you have to, sometimes, sacrifice. Or prioritize.

I have been trying to figure out how influential people and celebrities cope. They are always surrounded by myriads of requests and expectations. People expect them to pick calls every time. They expect them to chat on social media. They expect them to attend to emails and reply inbox messages and phone text messages. And when they don’t do all these , people get angry and call them names. They conclude celebrities are proud.

Many people have accused Laila Ijeoma of not replying their inbox messages. They have done the same thing about Linda Ikeji and some other influential people. The truth is that when you attain a certain level, you cannot always pick every call or reply every chat or text message. Apart from the fact that there are always stupid people who will like to engage you in useless conversations, which are capable of making you angry, you also have to manage your time. You have little time to do many things. So, you won’t always engage in unprofitable exchange of words.

Why won’t celebrities be proud? Why won’t they ignore you once in a while? Why won’t they ignore your inbox messages? You have a hundred people hounding one celebrity at the same time and people still expect that celebrity to satisfy them? I think such celebrity will be wise enough to prioritize. It is not pride. It is wisdom. You can’t attend to every issue. You have to pick the ones that are important.

Meanwhile, the other day, I was going through my WhatsApp messages when someone sent the news to a WhatsApp group I belong that Muhammadu Buhari is dead. At first, I thought it was a joke. So I went on internet to browse through various news sites. At the end, I discovered it was a rumour that has been circulating on the blogosphere. As much as I do not embrace the way Buhari runs his government, I do not wish him death. I pray that Buhari will get well soon. I wish him quick recovery from all his sicknesses. May Nigeria be great again!


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