The Moving Train: The Romance of Reno Omokri and other Happenings. By Sylvanus Omoniyi

Nigeria has witnessed a lot of dramas in the last few days: positive and negative. The arrest of corrupt judges by the DSS. The banter of words between President Muhammadu Buhari and his wife. The unwholesome reaction of Nigerian men and women. The romance of Reno Omokri and his wife. The passion of Ben Murray Bruce and his lover. The release of the 21 Chibok girls and other happenings in the Animal Kingdom. These are like comic reliefs to take the mind of many Nigerians away from the sad reality of economic recession.

The stories are getting more interesting day by day, just that there are a few sad ones. As Nigerian leaders continue to frustrate the Nigerian youths with their irresponsible lifestyle, London is creating more opportunities and making life better for the ones abroad. We have heard the story of Caleb Femi, a 26-year-old Nigerian poet and English teacher, who recently has been named as London’s first Young People’s Laureate. This is a great achievement for Caleb Femi. I wonder if that position could get to him if he had been in Nigeria.

According to Linda Ikeji, Caleb Femi arrived in London at the age of seven and grew up on the North Peckham Estate, where Damilola Taylor lived before his murder in 2000 at the age of 10. Femi believes his professional and social backgrounds will equip him to address the issues affecting young black men and women. He was given the responsibility to raise the awareness of poetry in the capital, nationally and internationally by a panel of arts bodies and individual judges, including The Roundhouse, the Poetry Society and Jacob Sam-La Rose. Congrats to you, Femi!

Meanwhile, I don’t understand Nigerian women again. They have started revolting and getting angry just because Alhaji Buhari said his wife belongs in the kitchen. These people who are angry are not even Buhari’s wife, so I don’t know the reason why they are barking up and down on social media. Buhari addressed his wife, not you. If your own husband tells you that your position is in the kitchen, please, get angry with him, slap him, beat him, drag him on the floor and remind him never to utter such statement again.

Nigerians like to take paracetamol for other people’s headache. I don’t think anyone has any reason to get angry because the president addressed his wife. It is a family matter. They will probably settle it in the dining room, eating and drinking and laughing at your ignorance. Or even settle it in the bedroom. It is even possible that Buhari and his wife have deliberately written this script together. Anything is possible in Nigeria, a country where the judges cannot even be trusted, a country of corrupt executhieves and legislooters. Nigeria is just a hall: a hall filled with comedians and drama kings and queens.


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