The Moving Train: The Sinful Saints and the Dog Hullabaloo. By Sylvanus Omoniyi.

August has been a very positively wonderful month for me. I have been greatly blessed by God but I will not tell you the details. However, I don’t understand why some people think I am unintelligent when I get mad at God whenever I’m in trouble. But these same people can easily forgive me when I thank God for blessings that they don’t even know the source.

I don’t know a lot of things. I’m on the road of discovery. I know that I’m ignorant and dumb. I’m just trying to be true to my mind. And for those of you who like coming to my Facebook to call me a fool, because you think I should always see the world from your point of view, I don’t think you need it again. I already know I’m one. I’m not dragging intelligence with anyone. Nsogbu anyị nwere ná ụwa bụ, ndị maara ihe na eleda onwe ha anya. Ebe Ndị nzuzu bụ ndị kwụsịrị ike. So please, go ahead with your intelligence o. I’ll move ahead with my stupidity, too.

The internet and Newspapers in Nigeria have been in a state of eternal unrest for some days now because a man decided to name his dog Buhari. Then, some ignorant and uninformed people gathered themselves together, calling for the man’s arrest. I don’t think there is any law in the Nigerian Constitution stipulating what one should call his pet. Names are for recognition and identification. I have seen people naming their dogs Winston, Charlie, Jake, Sophie, Annie, and even Sammy. They are not Nigerians. The people bearing these names didn’t get angry and call for anyone’s arrest. So, to me, the people who called for that man’s arrest because he named his dog Buhari are stupid people. They are a bunch of useless and frustrated people who don’t know what to do with their lives again.

If people have the freedom to choose names for their children at birth, then they should also have the freedom to choose names for their dogs when they buy one. And that could be any name. I can wake up tomorrow morning and buy a dog and decide to name it Goodluck Jonathan or Rochas Okorocha, or Bola Tinubu. Or even Rauf Aregbesola. It doesn’t concern anyone. It is my dog. You’ll not be responsible for feeding it. As long as I don’t come to your house to request for money to feed my dog, I don’t think you have any right to contact the police to come and arrest me for naming my dog. If you do so, it means you are stupid and you need deliverance.

Meanwhile, I’m confused. And my confusion is caused by Father Adeboye and Father Oyedepo of Nigeria. I’m not fighting with these men of God but I feel they are not fair and considerate enough in their educational dealings with Nigerians. The universities that these supposed men of God built were built through the tithes, offerings and voluntary contributions of struggling church members. The sad reality is that the children of an average Nigerian Christian may not be able to afford these universities, which were built by their own money.

And these men keep saying they are making life easier for the children of God? By milking them dry, I suppose. I think there are classifications of children of God. If you are poor in Nigeria, I’m sorry, you are not a child of God, because Adeboye and Oyedepo don’t have any plan for your children in their highly expensive universities. There is hierarchy in Christianity. There are mega Christians and there are ordinary Christians. There is no place for ordinary Christians in a mega Christian university! You can decide to get angry but that is the sad reality.


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