The Moving Train: The Stupidity of Bobrisky and other Brouhaha. By Sylvanus Omoniyi.

I want to congratulate all my friends and enemies for making it into the new year. Sara Deeva has said a lot of things about me. I salute her courage.

She said I am unstable as water in my opinions about people. That I should stick to one place. Is that possible? No. The world itself is not stable. Everything is changing. It is the law of nature. How am I expected to remain the same when I’m not a stone?

She also said Linda Ikeji has no content, referring to her blog. Who content help? Linda is smart. Unless we want to be biased.

I still want to believe, for now, that there is no young lady in Nigeria who is as smart as Linda Ikeji. You can’t argue it. You need to attain her status to prove me wrong. It is my opinion. I blame myself that I’m not as smart as Linda.

The thing is, based on my studies, I have found out that many young Nigerian women don’t like Linda. I don’t know why. Perhaps they are suffering from inferiority complex.

And if you don’t like someone, whatever they do will always be insignificant. There is nothing anyone can do about it, Linda is successful. You just have to admit that and celebrate her.

Let me move to Bobrisky. Firstly, Snapchat is for little children like Bobrisky.

Secondly, Bobrisky needs a social media manager who can polish and beautify his image on the blogosphere.

Thirdly, he is not matured. He keeps making noise like an empty barrel and shouting like a faulty table fan. And I think that is what he is.

I have never seen Dangote coming on Facebook to display wads of money. I have never, for once, seen Otedola showing his money on TV or on social media to prove to people that he is rich. No. Rich people don’t make noise. Their money make noise for them. Only poor people like Bobrisky will be seen everywhere displaying notes of money just to prove to people by all means that they are rich. It is unintelligent of him.

And again, Bobrisky thinks he can continue to play on the intelligence of Nigerians by continuously telling them that he has a bae somewhere who gives him money. It is high time he stopped that nonsense. There is no bae anywhere who gives him money. He intentionally created that to deceive Nigerians.

Some days ago, he ran to Snapchat to tell people that his bae slapped him and smashed his phone. And that he would continue to love bae because bae is giving him money. Trash! We have had enough of Bobrisky’s comedy. We are tired of his gimmicks. Let me leave Bobrisky alone and move to better things.

I wrote about Wole Soyinka and his impacts on the people of Nigeria few days ago on Facebook. I think it is necessary to talk about Fela Kuti also, because he really fought for the freedom of Nigeria and Nigerians. In 1977, Fela and the Afrika ’70 released the album Zombie , a scathing attack on Nigerian soldiers using the zombie metaphor to describe the methods of the Nigerian military. The album was a smash hit and infuriated the government, setting off a vicious attack against the Kalakuta Republic, during which one thousand soldiers attacked the commune.

Fela was severely beaten, and his elderly mother (whose house was located opposite the commune) was thrown from a window, causing fatal injuries. The Kalakuta Republic was burned, and Fela’s studio, instruments, and master tapes were destroyed. Fela claimed that he would have been killed had it not been for the intervention of a commanding officer as he was being beaten. So these people, Wole Soyinka and Fela Kuti have really tried for Nigeria and they deserve to be honoured.

Nigeria is not getting better and Nigerians shouldn’t fold their arms and watch our future being washed away by greedy political pilots. This is our country and we deserve a better life. Nigeria cannot even boast of stable electricity since 1960. It is a big shame. Our elders are a disgrace. My brother, Onyeka Nwelue has started a political party, Progress Party. The youths should rise up and support him. And also, another brother of mine, Paulcy Cyprian Iwuala has started a movement, Grand Revolutionary Youths Movement. We need to support him too. It is a movement and not a political party. This is to make life better for Nigerians. It is not a selfish movement. I think I need to stop here for now. Buhari should do something on time. I feel he is not working enough. Nigeria is drowning. And we need to save her!


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