The Peril of Consciousness Towards Nakedness. By Victor A. Imhangbe

In Genesis 3:1-12,mankind was tempted by the devil through serpent when Eve accepted the forbiden fruit. In turn; Adam took the fruit from his wife without hesitation and at a time he was being query by God, he easily put the blamed on his wife the woman God gave to him. God is telling us to stop blaming it on somebody. It is our responsibility to stand by any decision we consciously took no matter the consequence.

In Matthew 6:25, God told us not to worry about the food we will eat and the cloths to wear on our body.He made everything Adam and Eve needed to harmoniously lives a happy life together in the garden.He authorised him to have dorminior over every living creatures on earth. God was not under pressure to do it, but He made everything to reveals Himself to man and to demonstrate His supremacy, that was the essence of creation.

It is wonderful to know that God made everything by spoken word. But to man God took His time to construct the body before He breath life into him.That is what made man significant and superior from all other creation, because man represent the spirit of God on earth .In Genesis 1:26, God said, let us made man in our image. Your emotion is your feelings,if your will is engage nobody can stop you from attaining your goals.The spirit is the most important component to man because it is through the spirit God communicated with Adam.The moment Adam ate the fruit, his spirit was dead.

Adam automatically turn to the flesh to live instead of in spirit. It was the flesh and mind that allows Adam to moved on, that was when God drove him out of the garden. Since then, man now depends on their labour to survive.The society has been sexualised as a tool to capture the flesh. Everybody want to go sexy, models are dehydrated to go skinny in order to be rated as cute and sexy, because they did not recognised God’s presence.The society we lived in today is degraded that God has turns His back on the world. God is asking you today, where is your faith? who can stand for Him today?

When God said He is coming back, He is only coming back for the sake of people without blemish. As unbelievers are sharing bribes and perverting the course of justice, believers are partaking in it.You are crazy about exotic cars and houses, you say if I can get a house every problems is as good as solved, now that you bought the house, are you happy? is every problems solved? Where is the world going if you as the light of the world is found wanting? God is asking; are you chasing the things of the world and money alone? Understand whatever you do that does not involve God, there is problems.You must not defile yourself to get riches.

Philippians 4:19, God said he knows your needs and He will definitely supply all your needs,not according to the quantities you needed, but according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus. That portion of the Bible is a blank cheque given to you to explore. God wants your time and commitment as you give to your business. Don’t put your trust in men who may not see the next day, but put all your trust in God. If your plan is to do anything to make it in life, God does not matter to you anymore, such a life is not a secure life. God wants us to be mindful of who He is. Connect to God instead of things of the world.

God wants to prosper you, bless you, increase you, empower you. But He wants you to come to Him. This is not time to blame.May God bless you as you meditate on his world in Jesus name’ Amen!


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