Trump Was So Ashamed Of His Own Mother He Hid Her Past With Lies

By Paige Ellis;Credit GOP Ocalypse
We all know that Donald Trump is a con man. We know he sold people on a fake school, he sold New Jersey on casinos destined for bankruptcy, and now he’s selling Republicans on the idea he’d be a capable president. One thing that a lot of people didn’t know until now, though, is how he sold America the fake story about his own mother’s past because he was so ashamed of it.

Donald said that his mother, who worked in a successful family business, left her relatively well-to-do home in Scotland at the age of 18 for a holiday vacation to New York. There, she met a local real-estate baron by the name of Trump. The two were enraptured by each other and she decided that she wanted to permanently move to America in order to marry him.

This story is a lie. The truth, as you’ll see below, is far more inconvenient for Donald.

The BBC, who ran the original story about Donald’s mother, actually couldn’t get many details from anyone other than Donald. This is because Donald’s cousins in Scotland outright refuse to give interviews or answer questions about him due to the shame of being attached to him by ties of blood. They literally hate their cousin so much that they refuse to speak his name.

This gave Donald the perfect chance to rewrite his own mother’s history to suit his political agenda. He literally lied about his own mother’s life so that it would make him look better in a presidential election.

You see, Donald Trump’s own mother was – when she arrived here in America – one of those low-skilled, poorly educated, low-wage earning immigrants that he is currently demonizing by claiming they’re taking away jobs, smuggling in drugs, raping people, causing crime and being a “drain” on society and our tax dollars.

Mary-Anne Macleod emigrated to America from Scotland in 1930. She came from a small town and was one of 10 children of a fisherman. She left school with the equivalent of an 8th-grade education and followed three of her sisters to America. English was her second language. She was also 17 years old at the time and had only 50 dollars to her name.

Donald’s mother was literally no different than the refugee children who are coming here, with the exception of her skin color.

Fred Trump was almost 7 years older than her and was introduced to Mary by her sister Catherine at a party. They soon were married, but her naturalization as a citizen only came 12 years later. The usual timeframe for naturalization is closer to 5 years. Even her citizenship was deferred until a later date.

None of this is to say that his mom was in any way a bad person. By all accounts, she was a devoted wife, good mother, and very successful in her contribution towards the family business. However, the fact that Donald is completely and totally lying about his own mother’s otherwise brag-worthy life is just amazing. And it’s all because he chose to demonize immigrants, the poor, the under-educated and otherwise disenfranchised people of society.

If Donald Trump of today was President in 1930, his own mother wouldn’t have been able to come to America. It almost makes you wish it were true.


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