Warren slams Trump and Pence as ‘two small, insecure, weak men’

By Paulina Firozi:The Hill


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Saturday turned her fire on the newly minted GOP presidential ticket, calling Donald Trump and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence “two small, insecure, weak men.”

She said Pence “is famous for trying to control women’s bodies,” and that the two Republicans’ “sexism” is “in line with the party platform.” Warren’s tweetstorm came just minutes ahead of the scheduled joint appearance where Trump will introduce Pence as his running mate.

Warren is reportedly on the shortlist to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate. Warren met with the presumptive Democratic nominee at her DC home Friday amid reports that Clinton is closing in on choosing a running mate.

Elizabeth Warren ✔ @elizabethforma
[email protected] & @mike_pence are a perfect match: Two small, insecure, weak men who use hate & fear to divide our country & our people.
10:49 PM – 16 Jul 2016

Elizabeth Warren ✔ @elizabethforma
Of COURSE @realDonaldTrump – a guy who calls women fat pigs & bimbos – picked a VP who is famous for trying to control women’s bodies.
10:50 PM – 16 Jul 2016

Elizabeth Warren ✔ @elizabethforma
What’s worse? @realDonaldTrump & @mike_pence’s sexism isn’t some radical fringe of the @GOP. They’re in line with the party platform.
10:51 PM – 16 Jul 2016

Elizabeth Warren ✔ @elizabethforma
And OF COURSE @realDonaldTrump – a guy who “[doesn’t] feel good” about marriage equality – picked a VP famous for LGBT discrimination.
10:55 PM – 16 Jul 2016

Elizabeth Warren ✔ @elizabethforma
The @GOP platform even says that children not from “natural marriage” are more likely to be drug addicts. Hateful AND disgusting.
10:57 PM – 16 Jul 2016

Elizabeth Warren ✔ @elizabethforma
Terrifying to think of @mike_pence being a heartbeat from presidency – but the direction @GOP wants to take our country is MORE terrifying.
10:58 PM – 16 Jul 2016


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