WATCH VIDEO: Only The Creator Of “Global Terrorism” Has Solution to World Peace. By Victor A. Imhangbe

The rate of terrorist related attacks is on the increase on daily basis, nowhere is safe, human lives has no meaning, the vulnerable; women and children are targets, death is cheap and there is no sign it will stop soon!!! unfortunately the Western medias choose which violent attack to report depending on whose lives they thinks are more valuables and the location of the victims, but one thing is clear lives and properties are always loss and the victims are always innocents; while the perpetrator are Islamic fundamentalist bearing different names in different regions but with the same ideologies like: ISIS, AQAEDA, BOKO HARAM, ASHABA etc.
Unfortunately, there is this erroneous impression by the un-informed public that “terrorism” is created by some thinking from the “Quran”, which has been the general perception, but the Quran is a book of peace. To be frank many events has lent credence to the fact that the perpetrators are always Islam. The BITTER TRUTH is that TERRORISM is a creation of America government. Former American President; Ronald Reagan for more than twenty years ago; led the congress and through the CIA massively funded ISIS, Mujahideen and other middle Eastern military organization worth Billions of Dollars in a bid to oust SOVIET government during the cold war.

In a bid to remain relevant as world power, American government feels they can wreak havoc against any sovereign nation, not minding the innocent victims. The invasion of Iraq is a case in point under a disguise of weapons of mass destruction. They preached human rights and ignore the right violation going on in Saudi Arabia. Hilary Clinton former Secretary of State now aspiring to be the next Democratic Presidential candidate has confirmed this video:

Please watch it to the end to know and see for yourself that American government is the creation of the global crisis that is ravaging humanity today. I think only creation of the problem has the ultimate solution to world peace.

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”
Nelson Mandela.

American government can retrace her steps to find a lasting solution to peace through genuine reconciliation with her global enemies.


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